Wear sex underwear kiss novels

Wear sex underwear kiss novels

1. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Before wearing sex lingerie, the most important point is to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Sexy or exposing a lot of skin does not mean that it is suitable for you. First of all, it is necessary to consider comfort, and the second is sexy.If you are uncomfortable, then even if you look sexy and look good, you will lose your rejuvenation.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must be comfortable with comfort and cooperate with your figure, so as to truly show your charm.

Second, the degree of exposure

The exposure of sexy underwear is a very important consideration.The degree of sexy in different occasions is also different, such as the sexy degree required to go to the nightclub is different from the needs of at home and the partner at home.Therefore, you need to pay attention to the control of the exposure when choosing a sexy underwear, so as not to cause unnecessary embarrassment or discomfort.

Third, color selection

Color is also a aspect of paying attention when choosing sexy underwear.Colors not only need to consider your own preferences, but also need to consider the control of the situation.For example, in candlelight dinner, black or red sexy underwear will be more appropriate, and in romantic seaside travel, blue or white sexy underwear is a better choice.

Fourth, material

The material of sexy underwear is also a very important consideration.The comfort of the material will not only affect the pleasure of the entire dressing process, but also affect the health of the skin.Therefore, choose a soft and comfortable, breathable material, and do not choose a style that is too tight to avoid skin allergies or damage.

Five, matching

The matching of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to.When choosing clothing, consider the color and material of the sexy underwear, so as not to have a sense of violation of the matching and reverse effects due to improper matching.At the same time, pay attention to the texture and style of the clothes to avoid not matching sex underwear.The best case is that the sexy underwear can be fully displayed and the charm can be released.

Six, makeup

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the matching of makeup.Sexy erotic underwear needs to be matched with gorgeous makeup, so as to truly show his temperament and charm.When makeup, you can choose some dark lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polish to echo the color of sexy underwear to make yourself more sexy and charming.

Seven, self -confidence

Whether wearing fun underwear or intimate behavior, the most important thing is to maintain sufficient self -confidence.Through the appropriate erotic underwear and perfect makeup, you can make yourself more sexy, but more importantly, you must have enough self -confidence to show your charm and inner beauty.

Eight, intimacy and harmony

Wearing erotic underwear is not a necessary step, but in intimate behavior, choosing some sexy and charming underwear can increase passion and fun, making each other closer and harmonious.Choosing the appropriate underwear can not only upgrade the fun, but also stimulate emotions, let yourself and your partner enjoy this process more.

Viewpoint: If you want to make yourself more charming, emotional, or increase your interest with your partner, wearing a fun underwear will be a good choice.However, when choosing a sexy underwear, we must follow the premise of comfort, follow the above suggestions, and maintain confidence in order to truly show their charm and passion.

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