Victoria’s Secret Angel underwear sex underwear map

Victoria’s Secret Angel underwear sex underwear map

Victoria’s Angel has become the world’s top underwear brand and has become an important element for the fashion industry.This brand is very popular with its fashionable, sexy and feminine underwear design.The goal of Victoria’s Underwear is to provide women with a variety of sexy, fashionable and high -quality underwear products.

Pink lace sexy underwear

One of the most famous designs of Victoria’s Angel underwear is pink lace sexy underwear.This underwear is designed with pink lace fabric and tulle material.This underwear is not only sexy, fashionable, but also full of romance.

Black corset and underwear

Black corset and underwear are also one of the classics of Victoria’s Secret Angel underwear.This underwear is designed with soft fabrics and comfortable materials.This underwear is suitable for women of various body shapes. Whether it is pushing up the chest or making the waist line look more beautiful, it has a magical effect.

White bellyband -style underwear

The white belly pocket underwear is also one of the popularity of Victoria’s Secret Angel underwear. It uses white silk fabric and lace design.The bellyband -type design makes this underwear more sexy, especially suitable for women with healthy and perfect figures.

Suitable for all kinds of sports corsets

Victoria’s Underwear also offers various sports corsets.This kind of corset has a variety of colors, novel design, comfortable and stylish, and is very suitable for various women wearing styles.At the same time, this kind of corset has a good support effect, which perfectly meets the needs of women’s movements.

Sexy tulle shawl and pajamas

Victoria’s Emperor’s pajamas are different, sexy and not tacky.Among them, tulle shawl and pajamas are also one of the classic design of underwear brands.This pajamas are designed with a variety of materials and color, which can meet the needs of different women.

Design of Victoria’s Secret Angel Swimsuit

Victoria’s Angel Swimsuit is also very popular.The design of pink, purple, black and other colors shows the sexy and beautiful figure of women.The swimsuit is not only comfortable, but also emphasizes the beauty and curve of the body.At the same time, it is suitable for women of various body types.

Colorful underwear

Underwear is another popular design of Victoria’s Secret Angel. It is colorful and uses different materials design, suitable for a variety of women’s body shapes.This kind of underwear can also have various decorations, such as lace, buttons, crystals, etc., which increases the charm of women.

Fashionable underwear high heels

Victoria’s Underwear Design also includes high -heeled shoes.This high heels use different materials, such as leather, cloth, plastic, etc., perfectly matching various underwear styles.This underwear high heels are not only comfortable, but also have a sense of fashion.


In short, Wei Mi Angel underwear is a sexy and stylish brand.From pink lace sexy underwear to black corset and underwear, to white belly pocket underwear, each underwear shows the unique charm of Victoria’s Secret Angel underwear.Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why this brand is widely popular worldwide.

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