Use silk scarf to make sexy underwear

Use silk scarf to make sexy underwear

As a unique fashion item, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of modern female wardrobe.Among them, one of the most attractive and popular sexy underwear is silk scarf underwear.Due to the large plasticity of the scarf underwear, it can be squeezed at will. It is a sexy and charming underwear.With some wisdom and skilled skills, it is also possible to make silk scarf underwear by yourself!The following is how to make silk scarf underwear.

1. Choose silk scarf

Choose a soft and tight silk with a size of 1.5 meters x 1.5 meters.A longer or wider silk scarf can also be used for underwear, but for beginners, 1.5 meters are the best.

2. Cutting silk scarf

Fold the scarf twice.Place it on a flat surface and cut off the corner with scissors.This makes it look closer to underwear.

3. molding silk scarf

Gently pinch the silk scarf with your hands, shape it along the axillary, chest, back stitching line, and back side to shape it into a shaped underwear, and let the scarf tighten your body.

4. Sewing belt

From the remaining part of the silk scarf, pull out a small section, fold it into a belt, and sew it on the back of the underwear.This can make the silk scarf close and not to slip away.

5. Pruning

Check whether the scarf is close to the body.If you do not fully contact, you can shorten or adjust all parts of the clothes to make it more comfortable and suitable for your body.

6. It is recommended to wear methods

In order to make the silk scarf underwear more beautiful, the belt can be tied to the back of the underwear and forms a simple knot.This can add some details to the entire underwear.

7. Color selection

Silk scarf underwear is made of silk scarves, so the color choice is very important.Choosing your favorite color and coordinating with your skin color can increase the beauty of clothing.Classic black and red are good choices, but small fresh colors can also make people refreshing.

8. Dressing skills

Once a scarf underwear is successfully made, we can also take some tricks to enhance the beauty of the underwear.For example, wearing underwear on a suspender vest or T -shirt as a plug, so that it shows a beautiful and romantic feeling without appearing.

9. Note

When making, be careful not to cut the scarf.In addition, don’t be too tight when you put on underwear to avoid discomfort.

10. Conclusion

Making silk scarf underwear is a fun and novel attempt.However, for those who are not skilled in sewing and handmade, some exercises may need to make a perfect silk scarf underwear.In any case, exquisite underwear will bring unlimited charm and surprise to women.

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