Use cloth for sex underwear

How to use different fabrics to design sexy underwear

Fashion is at the forefront, and the materials and forms of design sexy underwear have been constantly changing.Designers are constantly looking for materials, from traditional cotton and silk to more fashionable composite materials and tattoos.But practice is true, understanding the performance of different materials can better provide customers with satisfactory sexy underwear design.Let’s analyze how to use different fabrics to make sexy underwear.

Polyester fiber -durable and easy to clean

Polyester fiber is an artificial material for making underwear.This material is durable and easy to clean, which is why we choose it.Polyester fiber love underwear looks like silk or lace, but it is more convenient to use and clean. If you want to spend a small amount of time to keep your underwear beautiful and clean, this underwear is one of your best choices.Moreover, polyester fibers are not easy to shrink and deform, so even after many washing, they can maintain the original shape and color.

Cotton and blended cotton -comfortable and breathable

Many erotic underwear are made of cotton or blended cotton.This material is comfortable, durable, breathable, and strong inhalation.This makes it an ideal choice for daily wear and sports.Cotton and blended cotton sexy underwear are also very easy to clean. They can withstand daily washing and low temperature drying without much care.

Lace -elegant and beautiful

Lace is a material that is commonly used in sexy underwear.Its slender and complex design creates an elegant and charming feeling.Because they are usually made by hand, they are more expensive than other underwear.However, if you want to add a romantic charm or show your sexy on special occasions, then lace sexy underwear is one of the choices you must not miss.

Saton, silk -elegant, smooth silk

Satis and silk are elegant and fashionable representatives. They are indispensable materials when making sexy underwear.Unlike other materials, these materials are slender and soft, which makes people feel warm, and at the same time make people feel sensitive and color.Making satin and silk sex lingerie usually require special care because they are more vulnerable to stains and wear.But if you maintain it correctly, they will become an indispensable part of your wardrobe.

Wool and plush -soft touch, good drooping

Wool and plush are usually used in the winter style of underwear, because the fabrics of this material are very warm, soft and comfortable.Wool and plush are usually used to produce the edges and decorations of underwear because they are very easy to touch and are easy to sew.They have different thickness and length, so they can be used for the design of various underwear.If you want to find the best balance between comfort and sexy, then a woolen or plush sexy underwear is a good choice.

Composite materials -combined with multiple materials characteristics

Composite materials are a material that combines multiple materials.Composite materials are usually used to make high -grade sexy underwear because they have some materials performance and at the same time overcome their shortcomings.For example, some composite materials with elastic function combine the abrasion resistance of polyester and the comfort of natural fibers.This makes composite materials one of the most popular sexy underwear materials.

Robe -Improve breathability

Robe is a loose belt, which is usually used for the corners of sexy underwear and the adjustment band of underwear.Robe is a popular new material because they improve the breathability, comfort and overall appearance of the underwear.When they are combined with other materials, they can enhance performance and improve durability.

in conclusion

Different materials, different fabrics, different colors and patterns have unique value and contribution in the design of sexy underwear.Choosing proper materials can make the sexy underwear more sexy, beautiful, durable, comfortable, easy to clean and conservative, making people feel confident and enviable.

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