Type Embroidered Flower Poster

What is tulle embroidered flowers?

Type Embroidered flowers are a sexy women’s underwear. It uses exquisite tulle texture and exquisite embroidered flower decoration design, which aims to show the female body curve and charm to the extreme.

Material selection

Type Embroidered lingerie Underwear usually uses soft and personal fabrics, such as silk, linen, cotton, etc., making underwear more comfortable, natural, breathable, and can fit the female body curve to the greatest extent, showing sexy lines and arcs.In addition, in order to set off the beauty of flowers embroidery, the material of the underwear is often mainly transparent, translucent or tulle. It has a sexy feeling and can also show the ultimate details and luxury.

Flower embroidery

Flower embroidery design is one of the most striking features of thin gauze embroidery flowers. This design can not only increase the beauty and decorativeness of the underwear, but also show the pure, soft and charming side of women.Some brands also use handmade embroidery skills, making underwear more noble, delicate, and more precious.


There are many types of tulle embroidered flowers, and each style has its own characteristics.Some styles of underwear adopt a sexy hollow design, which is unique; some use the lace design elements to make the underwear more charming; some use low -cut, deep V and other designs to set out the sexy charm of women.

suitable occasion

Type Embroidered flowers are suitable for various occasions, especially on special occasions such as dating or celebrating holidays. Wearing a sexy tulle embroidered flowering lingerie, you exude a unique charm.In addition, at home is also a good occasion, relax your body and mind, and enjoy leisure time, making you feel relaxed, confident and happy.

Way of matching

The matching method is also one of the important considerations of tulle embroidered underwear. It can be paired with different types of clothes such as tight jeans, loose skirts, shorts, short skirts, and suspenders.In addition, tulle embroidery flowers can also be combined with fashion elements such as high heels, jewelry jewelry, to create a brighter and sexy dressing style.


In order to protect the exquisiteness and the beauty of thin gauze embroidered flowers, we need to pay attention to the maintenance method of underwear.It is generally recommended to choose a gentle washing program in hand -washing or selection of the washing machine to use neutral washing solution to avoid using reinforcement such as bleaching and drying.After drying, it is best not to directly expose it to the sun, so as not to affect transparency, embroidery effect and texture.


When buying thin gauze embroidery flowers, you need to pay attention to choose regular brands and manufacturers to avoid buying counterfeit products; in addition, you also need to pay attention to buying underwear styles that are suitable for your body shape and need.When selecting underwear colors and sizes, it can be matched according to its skin color, personality, and body characteristics.

For people

Type Embroidered Flower Lingerie is a more sexy and unique underwear style, so the applicable population is wide, mainly female friends.In terms of age, young people and middle -aged people can wear, but they need to make different styles based on personal physical characteristics and preferences.


Overall, tulle embroidered flowering underwear is a sexy and exquisite female underwear.It can not only show women’s body curve and line beauty, but also add a mysterious charm to women.It is believed that in the future, such a beautiful underwear style will become more and more popular with women.

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