Two ponytails high black white sexy underwear


Black and white sexy underwear has always been one of the classic styles that women are favored.And the design of Shuangssea Gao Wind adds a freshness of sister style on the basis of classic classics.This double ponytail high black white sexy underwear not only conforms to women’s aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic, but also shows their sexy, charming and playful performance.

Exterior design

This sexy underwear is composed of two colors: black and white. Among them, there are two bows on the chest, adding a fresh and lively taste to the entire design, showing a sweet and seductive style.The triangle tailoring and cross -back design of the pants part emphasized the sexy and seductive effects of this sexy underwear.

Underwear fabric

This erotic underwear uses the combination of soft lace and elastic mesh fabric. It is popular and sexy, and it is very comfortable to wear, and it will not be too tight and breathable.At the same time, this fabric will not be too heavy, reaching a balance between comfort and beauty.


The bras of this sex underwear adopt a beautiful back design, which has strong support, which can improve the shape of the entire chest and increase the sexy and self -confidence of women.At the same time, the design of the shoulder make it more stable and cross the back to make it more feminine.The design of the triangular cutting of the shorts can also show women’s hip lines beautifully.

With suggestions

Although this sexy underwear is black and white, its fresh and sweet style makes it very suitable for long skirts or jeans of various colors to show a playful and cute temperament.Essence

Recommended size

This sexy underwear standard size is suitable for women with a height of 155cm-175cm, and provides the choice of S-M size. Choosing a suitable size can increase the comfort and effect of wearing.


Buy sexy lingerie, especially some special -style underwear, it is recommended to go to a regular sexual product store or online channels to buy.In addition, it is best to choose dealers with brand authorization to ensure quality problems and after -sales service.Maintain a certain degree of vigilance, don’t choose inferior products because of cheap.

cleaning method

In order to ensure the quality and life of this sexy underwear, it is recommended to clean it by hand washing.In terms of machine washing, hand washing is softer and easier to protect underwear. At the same time, the underwear can be tracked in a timely manner during the washing process to avoid damage and other conditions.During the cleaning process, you also need to pay attention to the use of neutral cleaning agents and dry them well after cleaning.

What kind of person is suitable for wearing

This erotic underwear is suitable for girls who like sweet and fresh styles and hope to have sexy and seductive effects.If you look at the design and style of this sexy underwear, you can try it with confidence, it will make you more beautiful and confident.


In general, this double ponytail high -black white sexy underwear is based on the classic fusion of its fresh and sweet and sexy temptation, showing the charming and playfulness of women, suitable for use in family role play and couple games, making you more confident and more confidence andbeauty.

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