Traveling sexy underwear


Sexy underwear has always played a special role in the entire underwear industry, and they are representatives of unique charm and mystery.After wearing a sexy underwear, women’s body lines will be displayed the best. At the same time, sexy underwear will increase interest and color, making you and your partner more intimate.

1. stockings

Stockings are the most popular and basic parts of sexy underwear.They can increase the feeling and sexy of their legs, whether they are wearing or admired.There are various colors and style stockings on the market, with mesh, lace, anti -hook silk, and multiple choices can meet different personalities and needs.

2. Cover

The cover is part of the seductive part of the sexy underwear.They are usually made of transparent lace, which can expose your figure, but it is not explicit and can be used as decorations such as inside or outside.Some hoods may also have detailed jewelry, such as bow or beads, which can make the entire appearance more eye -catching.

3. Milk Patch

Milk stickers are indispensable erotic underwear. If you want to not wear bras when you keep comfortable, and milk stickers can cover the nipples and areolas without any trace or oppression.In addition, milk stickers are more hidden than bras. You can put on it to increase your sexy charm without worrying about exposing or missing.

4. Perspective pants

Perspective pants are part of the irritating and tempting part of sexy underwear.They are usually made of transparent pants made of light materials. Most of the trousers are hollow, so that your calf can be perfectly displayed.A little hinting pants may have decorative details, such as bow, lace, or small labels with sexy news.

5. Half cups

Half -cup bras are the most special part of sexy underwear. Compared with traditional bra, they show more, and the parts upstairs will be displayed.There are many designs and colors of this bra, which allows you to choose the style you want freely while increasing your sexy temperament.

6. underwear

Underwear is also one of the important parts in sexy underwear.They are usually made of lace, silk, or steel rings, and their styles are more diverse.You can choose different colors, shapes and materials to match other sexy underwear to create a variety of different colors, styles and temperaments.

7. Eye mask

Eye mask is one of the most sexy parts in sexy underwear.When you feel extremely excited and uncomfortable, the eye mask can make your experience more exciting.At the same time, the materials and colors of the eye mask are also diverse. There are different real estate effects. It can also be used with different styles of sexy underwear to create a perfect interest experience.

8. Leather equipment

Leather equipment is one of the classic components in sexy underwear.You can put on it to increase your sexy charm, making you look more wild and unrestrained.These equipment can include leather gloves, leather underwear, leather corset, and other accessories. A variety of options can meet your needs and personality.

9. Summary

Interest underwear is not only suitable for the intimacy of lovers, but also allows you to increase self -confidence and charm in daily life.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose according to factors such as your style, body, activity time and preference.The most important thing is to choose a comfortable style, enhance your self -confidence, and enjoy the beautiful experience of a fun life.

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