Top 10 domestic sex lingerie rankings

Top 10 domestic sex lingerie rankings

First place: fragrant underwear

The fragrant underwear strongly respects the concept of sexy, comfortable, and healthy underwear. It has a variety of styles and bright colors. It is particularly good at details that make women wear beautiful and comfortable.

Second place: Sofia Underwear

As the leader in the domestic sex lingerie industry, Sofia underwear covers various sexy, hot, mature, and pure styles, and is loved by women in the post -90s and post -00s.

Third place: Weiwei underwear

Weiwei’s underwear is mainly used for the light luxury series. Its design style is unique, and the classic elements of Eastern and Western cultures are gathered, forming a strong charm, making women in her underwear more mysterious and charm.

Fourth place: Aimer

Aimer is a domestic underwear brand giant and has always maintained underwear sales and market leadership.Its products have both comfort and sexy, and are the most popular among single women.

Fifth place: Rose Meiyi

Loser underwear is positioned as a "Health and Comfort Series", which focuses on the quality of underwear fabrics and the health of wearing, and also has both European and American styles.

Sixth place: Jiu Ge

Nine -singer’s model -level underwear and dress series, with a variety of products and is highly sought after by young women. At the same time, brands can often see advertisements in major fashion magazines.

Seventh place: admire

I love both sexy and implicit beauty, and is known for its low price and high comfort.In recent years, the brand has also begun to pay attention to the addition of fashion elements, which is more in line with the aesthetics of women.

Eighth place: Luolai

Luolai is known for its European and American style design and the selection of high -level fabrics. It has a certain effect on shaping the female body curve, and at the same time retains the sexy charm of underwear.

Ninth place: Anlfang

An Lifang’s underwear is specially improved, more comfortable and healthier fabrics, with diverse colors and unique styles, and is loved by women in metropolis.

Tenth: Langsha

The Langsha underwear series enjoys its reputation with high cost performance, comfortable fabric and excellent quality.Suitable for various occasions, loved by women.


The above is the top ten ranking of domestic sexy underwear. Each brand has its unique design concept and brand culture. Choose your favorite brand and buy your own underwear to show your charm and self -confidence.

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