Tieli sexy underwear shop


Tieli sexy underwear store is a sexy underwear store in the city center. It sells various types of sexy underwear in the store. From sexy lace underwear to hot leather underwear, everything is available.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual feelings are one of the most popular types of all sexy underwear.These underwear are usually made of transparent materials, covering only important parts, leaving other parts to be exposed, emphasizing women’s body curves and beauty.These underwear are suitable for Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary and honeymoon.

Hot leather underwear

Hot leather underwear is suitable for people who like leather or unique atmosphere.This underwear is the choice of brand followers, exuding a strong and charm.This underwear has a wide range of styles, you can choose naked leather bras, leather tops covering the navel, or tight leather underwear.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is a more popular sexy underwear with more decoration and details, such as complex lace edges, embroidery and beads.This underwear is usually a camisole or vest, and sometimes there are matching socks and gloves.

Toys and accessories

Various toys and accessories are also sold in the store, including handcuffs, blindfold masks, whips and mouthballs, etc., making the taste more colorful.These accessories can be purchased separately or combined with underwear, bringing more fun to emotional life.


When buying sexy underwear in Tieli sexy underwear, please pay attention to budget and personal taste.The price of sexy underwear of different materials is also different, you can refer to the advice of the salesperson.The size of the underwear is very important. Be sure to ensure that the underwear is comfortable and personal without wear the skin.In addition, please choose carefully when buying sexual relationship and interesting underwear to ensure that its support and dressing are appropriate.

In -store benefits

Tieli sex lingerie store also provides various benefits, including the following aspects:

Member discount: Members in the store can enjoy fixed discounts, the more points, the higher the discount.

Social media punching discounts: Share photos and check in on social media, you can enjoy price discounts.

Gifts: Irregular gifts and small gifts bring more surprises and fun to customers.


Tieli sexy underwear stores attach importance to the privacy of each customer, and the information of all customers will be strictly confidential.The shop’s tent -style dressing room allows customers to relax themselves in privacy.The store also provides professional orders and delivery methods.

Maintenance and cleaning after purchasing

Sexy underwear of different materials requires different cleaning methods.Generally speaking, you can wash it with soft detergent in cold water and dry it gently.Avoid exposure, high temperature or ironing.Please refer to the cleaning and maintenance guide of the underwear to avoid wear or deformation of underwear.


Sexy underwear is a way to express love and romance.Tieli sexy underwear store provides customers with various options. Whether it is for special occasions or only for daily wear, you can find satisfactory underwear here.When choosing, please consider comfort, personal taste and budget, and protect yourself and the purchased underwear based on the cleaning and maintenance of underwear.At the same time, the welfare and privacy guarantee in the store also allows you to enjoy more care and care during the shopping process.

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