Tibetan open crotch sex underwear novel

Tibetan open crotch sex underwear novel

1. Full sister’s new love

The bustling sister curled up on a sweltering night, uneasy in her heart.Her boyfriend is obsessed with the game and has no interest in her sight.Inadvertently, she glanced at a sexy underwear with open crotch, and suddenly realized.She put on it, and her heartbeat accelerated closer to her boyfriend again …

2. Unusual birthday gifts

The delicate and cute girlfriend is about to usher in her birthday.The boyfriend wants to prepare a special gift for her.Under the introduction of a friend, he bought a set of cunnuts to open the crotch sex underwear.Girlfriend accepted this surprise happily, and couldn’t help but lament her boyfriend’s carefulness and creativity.

3. Passionate drama staged on the honeymoon night

On the honeymoon night, the groom arranged everything in the room and was ready to welcome his bride.The bride wore a thin suspender to open the crotch and sexy underwear, which surprised the groom.The two are lingering together and celebrate this important day in their own way.

4. Model Knight’s teasing plan

The boring couple finds stimuli in various ways.On this day, they decided to play their role.The wife wore a suspender and open crotch and sexy underwear to become a sexy mask knight and began her teasing plan.The husband was stimulated, and the two began to play happily.

5. The pleasure of domination

Girls who are always controlled by others have the desire to dominate others.Against the camisole open crotch underwear, she is no longer a disadvantaged person, but has become a dominant.This sense of dominance made her feel extremely exciting and pleasant.

6. The temptation of not guarding the Women’s Road

A woman who is about to collapse, in order to retain her husband, starts an attempt to open.The camisole open crotch underwear has become her biggest temptation weapon. She puts it on it and seduces every inch of her husband’s nerves.In the end, she won her husband’s return, but she was not so pure in her heart.

7. Interesting party

To celebrate the brilliant achievements of the company, a party needs to be held.The special part of the party is that everyone must wear a suspender open crotch and sexy underwear to participate.In such an environment, people do not care about each other’s skin tone and background, just want to enjoy the fun and stimulus brought about.

8. Control your body

Under many pressures, the body gradually became numb.The suspender open crotch underwear brought her a sense of jasmine and freedom. She felt that she could control her body.This feeling makes her feel unlimited satisfaction and joy.

9. Passion throughout the night

The camisole open crotch underwear is the protagonist of this night, and even the sheets are cut from the middle.The two indulged in this carnival, from midnight to three rods.This night, the two fell in love with this passion.

10. There is always a moment of perfect

Everyone has an imperfect side, but these shortcomings have become unrelated against the lining of the camplate’s open crotch underwear.The right lines highlight the beautiful moments. Regardless of whether the figure is perfect, there is always a perfect moment.

personal opinion

As a special underwear style, the suspender open -crotch underwear can not only satisfy people’s sexual desires and enthusiasm, but also bring freeness and victory, let people get rid of various restraints and constraints, indulge in love and life in love and lifeEssence

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