Three -point sexy underwear three -point underwear

What is a three -point erotic underwear?

Three -point sexy underwear refers to the sexy underwear composed of three parts, which are two cup -shaped objects on the upper chest and a small underwear on the lower body. Generally, the three parts are used to connect the three parts with fine ropes, lace and other materials to create unique uniquenessSexy and temptation effects.

Types of three -point sexy underwear

There are many different types of three -point erotic underwear. Divided according to different design elements and material characteristics. The more common types include:

Lace three -point sexy underwear

Transparent three -point sexy underwear

Net eye three -point sexy underwear

Lace three -point sexy underwear

Metal chain three -point sexy underwear

Suitable for three -point sexy underwear

Three -point erotic underwear is usually considered a bold, sexy, and seductive underwear. It is suitable for enhancing interests in love or playing characters on special occasions. It is rarely used for daily wear.Therefore, people who are suitable for three -point sexy underwear are usually:

Bold and open personality, those who are willing to try new things

People with freshness and passion in sexual life need to add freshness and passion

Those who need to play a role and simulate the plot

How to choose a three -point erotic underwear that suits you

Choosing the right three -point sexy underwear allows you to show your charm and sexy to the greatest extent. The following are the choice suggestions:

Select the size according to your body, not too tight or too loose

Choose the right color and style, which is consistent with your skin color and personality

Consider the occasion, choose the appropriate material and cut

Try to penetrate before buying to make sure you like and appropriate

Maintenance method of three -point sexy underwear

Because three -point sexy underwear generally uses more delicate materials and more complex designs, special attention needs to be paid to maintenance and use. The following are some common maintenance methods:

Hand washing, do not machine washing and drying

Clean low temperature water, do not use hot water or bleaching agent

Avoid exposure, the sun can easily fade or deform the details

Avoid being placed in a humid environment for a long time, it is recommended to save it alone with a packaging bag

Three -point sexy underwear dress suggestion

Wearing three -point sexy underwear also requires some skills and suggestions:

Choose the right body to show the part to show your own advantages

Avoid rubbing with the skin to avoid excessive irritation of the skin

Pay attention to the occasion, it should not be worn in public

Consider matching other underwear or coats, you must not be too naked

The relationship between three -point sex lingerie and husband and wife life

Three -point sexy underwear can play a good role in promoting in the life of husband and wife, because it can increase the freshness and passion of both sides, make sexual life more colorful, and increase the interaction and communication between husband and wife.Of course, the premise of using sex products and underwear is that both sides are willing to and accept this attempt.

Toys with three -point sexy underwear

If you want to enhance the effects and atmosphere of sexy underwear, you can match some other sex toys or sex products, such as:

Massage oil or lubricant

SM supplies such as handcuffs, mouthball, etc.

Interest whip or lace veil


As a kind of sexy underwear, three -point sexy underwear creates a different temptation and atmosphere through a combination of lace and thin lines. It can be said that it is one of the more important types of sex products.For the life of husband and wife, the use of three -point sexy underwear can increase the taste and fun of life, which is a good attempt.However, when using three -point sex underwear, you also need to pay attention to problems such as occasions, comfort and materials to maintain safety and hygiene at all times.

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