There are several types of sexy underwear types

There are several types of sexy underwear types

With the development of the times, sex underwear, as a fashionable jewelry, has gradually been recognized and loved by people.In addition to enhancing women’s charm and sexy, sexy underwear has gradually become an important element in movies and film and television dramas, bringing unlimited reveries and surprises to the audience.This article will introduce several types of sexy underwear movies, let us appreciate and explore together.

1. Black Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day)

"Black Valentine’s Day" is a love movie specially launched on Valentine’s Day. The plot revolves around Valentine’s Day, showing a variety of love stories.In the film, the heroine Jessica Alba is wearing a black sexy underwear, which is beautiful and impressive.

2. Details (The Details)

"Details" is a black humorous movie, describing the story of the protagonist Jeff in tangling and struggling between family, marriage and temptation.In the film, actress Elizabeth Banks wore a red -colored sexy underwear, sexy and charming, and added a lot of interest and complexity to the film.

3. Playing House (Playing House)

"Commercial" is a love comedy about the two -person world. It tells the story of a woman who has just divorced and a man who is unemployed together.In the film, the heroine Sarah wore a set of sexy sexy underwear at a party, which made the film more romantic and sexy when he was affectionate with her boyfriend.

4. U.S. School: American PIE PRESENTS: The Naked Mile)

"American School: Baili Party" is a branch of the movie "American School" series. In the film, the protagonist Erik participated in a naked marathon and participated in the competition with other girls.In the film, a role played by actress Stephany Sexton wore a set of sexy sexy underwear, which brought a lot of excitement and pleasure to the film.

5. Kung Fu Panda (Kung Fu Panda)

"Kung Fu Panda" is an animated comedy, and the protagonist is a fat panda who dreams of becoming a kung fu master.In the film, the obese giant panda put on a sexy sexy underwear, bringing a lot of joy and funny to the audience.

6. FURY Heroes (FURY)

"Heroes of the Fire" is a war movie about the tank battle during World War II. In the film, actress Alicia Von Rittberg is dressed in a sexy sexy underwear, which is amazing. She is so sexy and brave.

7. Thank you for saving my life (thanank you for saving my life)

"Thank you for saving my life" is a movie about the heroine Belle who encountered difficulties because of autism, and her cousin Lena returned from the United States to the United States, bringing many changes to her.At the end of the movie, Belle put on a sexy sexy underwear and stood bravely in front of everyone, showing her confidence and courage.

8. The Monk Comes Download

"Taoist Out of the Mountain" is a movie about Chinese martial arts and traditional culture. In the film, actress Lin Chi-Ling is wearing a antique sexy underwear. It has traditional cultural characteristics and interprets a sexy and sexy and sexy and sexy and sexy and sexy and sexy and sexy and sexy and sexuality and sexuality and sexuality and sexuality and sexuality and sexuality and sexuality and sexuality and sexualityThe charming temperament is very eye -catching.

9. The Survivor’s Guide to Prison

"Survivor" is a movie about prison life and surviving. In the film, the actress Sarah Burns wore a sexy sexy underwear, making people lament her Miaoman and bold.

10. Nightlife

"Night Life" is a movie describing marriage life. In a scene of the film, actress Laura Harris wore a sexy sexy underwear and pushed the atmosphere of the film to the extreme.


In the movie, sexy underwear has become an element that can show the sexy, confident and charming side of women.And this characteristic can also be expressed through sexy underwear.Interesting underwear makes women emit a more attractive light, making people dump it.

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