The story of shooting sex underwear

first meet

I am a photographer who focuses on shooting sexy underwear.Once, I met with a model for the first time. She wore a sexy and special sexy underwear, which made me look out.The model told me that her underwear was from a German brand.In the process of taking pictures, I saw her performance very natural, as if this underwear was tailored for her.

Types of sex underwear

Interest underwear can be divided into a variety of different types, such as half cups, full cups, no traces, chest stickers, and so on.When choosing which sex underwear is chosen, I first consider the characteristics of the model and the needs of customers.Then I will discuss with the models and customers to choose the sexy underwear that is most suitable for shooting.


The matching of sexy underwear is very important. It needs to be matched with the underwear or stockings below to create a perfect visual effect.Before taking pictures, I will discuss the choice with the model to ensure the best results.

Use of light

Lighting is one of the essential elements for shooting sexy underwear.Proper lighting can make the color and texture of sexy underwear more vivid, showing the best results.I will adjust the brightness and angle of the light to ensure that the final photo effect is perfect.

Annual choice

It is also important to choose the right angle when shooting sexy underwear.I will highlight the design of sexy underwear and the body advantages of the model from a suitable angle, making the whole scene more beautiful and vivid.

Move with the model

The movement of the model can have a great impact on the shooting effect of sexy underwear.When shooting, I will guide the model to adjust my movements appropriately to better show the characteristics and charm of sexy underwear.

Post -processing

After shooting full -time underwear, I will perform post -processing, including the cutting of the photo, the adjustment of light and darkness, the correction of color, and so on.These techniques make photos more vivid and beautiful.

Cooperation brand

When shooting sexy underwear, I will cooperate with major brands to ensure the highest quality products.Cooperative brands can provide the latest popular sexy underwear to ensure that the shooting effect is better.

Shooting style

My shooting style focuses on creating a sexy, romantic and rich visual effect.Make the beautiful charm of models and sexy underwear perfectly presented.


The shooting of sexy underwear requires skills, experience and creativity.As a photographer, I enjoy this process very much, and is committed to creating more beautiful, sexy, and unique sexy underwear photos.

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