The sexy underwear that is broken

What is a sexy underwear that is broken?

The sexy underwear that is broken when it is pulled is easy to damage during the use of the name, and even if it is gently pulled, it will break.This situation often appears on sexy underwear with poor material or poor processing.

Common one to break the sexy underwear

Frequent erotic underwear includes milk stickers, stockings, lace bra, lace pants, etc.These sexy underwear materials are often not tough enough, and rough processing methods also make them easy to wear, and even inadvertently rupture due to insufficient strength.

Choose sexy underwear for high -quality materials

In order to avoid damage to sex underwear during use, we should choose sexy underwear made of high -quality materials.For example, pictures of cotton or adhesive are common high -quality materials. They are soft, comfortable, and breathable, and they are more assured to wear.

Pay attention to the processing process of sexy underwear

The excellent sexy underwear is not completely safe, and the degree of quality of the processing process determines its life life.Interesting underwear with poor processing technology is easy to have problems such as opening, fastening, damage, and trimming, which have a great impact on the experience of the use experience.

Try to avoid stretching sex underwear

Many sexy underwear has a certain return after stretching, but frequent stretching can cause excessive fatigue of the underwear material, thereby speeding up the wear.Therefore, when using sexy underwear, try to avoid excessive stretching, which is an important measure for maintenance.

Don’t wash too often

The material and color of sexy underwear require a certain amount of care, and too frequently washing will cause some damage to them.Therefore, when washing sex underwear, you can choose to wash gently to avoid machine washing and soaking and washing to reduce the degree of wear of underwear.

Proper sunscreen

For some colorful sexy underwear, especially the sexy underwear made of lace and silk, proper sunscreen is also necessary.The ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the color of sexy underwear fade, yellow, and brittle, so shading or drying indoors is a good way to maintain.

Don’t put the sexy underwear directly in the sun and dry it

Some people like to put the newly washed sexy underwear directly on the sun and dry it. This not only easily damage the color, but also the direct sunlight will also accelerate the aging and wear of the material of the sexy underwear.Therefore, we should choose to dry them in a cool place, or use a special sexy underwear dryer to dry them.

For sexy underwear that is broken in time, you must replace it in time

Even if the good maintenance cannot be kept for a long time, it should be used for a long time, so once you find that the sexy underwear is damaged, it should be replaced in time.Not only that, even if there is no obvious damage on the surface of the sex underwear, it is necessary to regularly exchange the experience and hygiene standards.

Conclusion: Follow the maintenance of sexy underwear and avoid buying inferior products

Maintaining good underwear has a very important role in our health and quality of life.By mastering the appropriate maintenance method and avoiding the purchase of inferior sexy underwear, we can allow them to provide us with unparalleled comfort and aesthetics to us for longer.

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