The reason why sexy underwear does not have a visitor

1 Introduction

Interest underwear has always been synonymous with sexy, fashionable, and charming, and it is important for women to show their charm.However, in actual sales, many sexy lingerie often encounters the embarrassing situation of no visitor.Why is this so?This article will analyze from multiple aspects.

2. The display is not attractive enough

Many merchants simply hung underwear on the shelf when showing sexy underwear without beautification.This way of display may make customers feel that the goods are ordinary and lacking attractive, so they will not pay too much attention to the product.

3. Elapses in size

Interest underwear is a special product. The size of the size is very high. If the merchant does not provide full -size underwear, it will make some customers who need special size need to be discouraged.Therefore, it is very important to ensure rich size selection for attracting customers.

4. Poor quality

The quality of sex underwear is essential for consumers.For a long time, many merchants have over -compressed costs to pursue profits.This approach may lead to poor quality of underwear and negatively affect the trust of customers.

5. Lack of novel design

The design of novel and unique sexy underwear is an important means to attract customers.If the underwear sold by merchants has no new intention, it is difficult to attract enough attention from customers.

6. Excessive price

Some merchants will put too much sexy underwear on the glass counter or eye -catching place of the store, hoping to get higher profits.However, excessive price products are difficult to afford for most consumers.Therefore, reasonable pricing is necessary, not only can we get more visitors, but also increase consumers’ enthusiasm for purchasing.

7. Lack of publicity

Many merchants lack effective publicity when selling sexy underwear.In this way, even if the underwear sold by merchants is very good, it is difficult to get enough attention.Therefore, effective and comprehensive publicity is crucial.Merchants can promote through various methods such as websites, social media, advertising.

8. Improper location

Improper selection when selecting the site will also affect the sales of sexy underwear.If the store is located in areas with poor traffic conditions, or opening a store with low consumption areas, it will greatly reduce customer traffic.Merchants also need to pay attention to whether to choose whether they are in a competitive business area, and they also need to consider traffic conditions, surrounding environment, and whether they are equipped with convenient parking.

9. Lack of brand advantages

Brand advantages are particularly important in the field of sexy underwear.Consumers trust more well -known brands and lack sufficient trust in small brands. This is also a problem that many small companies are easy to encounter when they first enter the market.Therefore, merchants need to establish a brand image before opening popular stores, and provide consumers with high -quality services and high -quality products.

10. Summary

The sales of sexy underwear are a challenge for merchants, but success is also available.It is necessary to improve sales by improving display, rich size, improvement of quality, novel design, reasonable pricing, effective publicity, selection of appropriate positions, and establishing brand image.It is worth emphasizing that the above points are only a part of the above points, and merchants need to constantly explore and practice in order to obtain a stable position and advantage in the market.

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