The male lead takes the female lead to buy a sexy underwear novel

The first time I buy sexy sheets

The actor Xiaoming took his girlfriend Xiaomei to buy sexy underwear. This is the first time Xiaomei tried to buy this special underwear.

Xiaomei’s confusion

Xiaomei asked the clerk with a red face: "What styles should I choose? I don’t understand how to wear sexy underwear to look good."

Suggestion’s suggestion

The clerk is very enthusiastic to help Xiaomei: "The most important role of sexy underwear is to beautify the body and increase the sexuality, so you can selectively sexy suspenders, three -point style, lace models, etc.". "

About size issues

Xiaomei was also worried that the size was inappropriate. The clerk said with a smile: "Don’t worry. We have professional tailor -made services to help you customize."

The choice of male lead

Xiaoming has chosen a few styles for his girlfriend without losing chance, and one of the black lace underwear is particularly noticeable.The clerk smiled and said, "This is one of our most popular styles, which can make your girlfriend more sexy."

About price issues

Xiaomei saw the price a little distressed: "It’s so expensive." The clerk said: "This is hand -refined, so the price is higher than ordinary underwear. But the quality and effect are very good."

Try to wear

Xiaomei tried to put on black lace underwear, and immediately felt very sexy, and Xiaoming’s eyes were constantly attracted.

Decision to buy

Get professional suggestions and high -quality experience, Xiaoming and Xiaomei did not hesitate to decide to buy a few sets of sexy lingerie.

Enjoy private time

After returning home, Xiaoming gave Xiaomei a set of sexy underwear, and the two began to enjoy their private time.

The charm of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear can make women more confident, more charming, and also make men more excited and increase their lives.

Viewpoint: Interest underwear is a good partner to improve sexual interest. Choosing a professional store can provide better experience and services.

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