The heroine is a novel selling fun underwear

Change of life

The heroine Xiaofang is an ordinary girl. The family environment is average. In order to make money for her to go to college, she decided to start selling sexy lingerie.She was still shy at the time, but for her livelihood, she had to defeat her shyness.Gradually, Xiaofang found that he was increasingly integrated in this industry. In this way, her life began to change.

Mood adjustment

At the beginning, Xiaofang thought he was just selling underwear, and he would not be at all at all.Later, she gradually discovered that sexy underwear was not just a simple underwear.From the buyer’s mentality to the sales channels and the market environment, she needs to keep learning and summarize her experience from her own experience. She realized that selling fun underwear is not only to make money, but also a self -transcendence.

Color matching

The success rate of a sexy underwear has an inseparable relationship with its color matching.The choice of color is a small problem, but if it is according to a certain market principle, it will be very different.For example, red is usually one of the colors of gradient enthusiasm and temptation.Pink can also bring a sweet and cute feeling.There are also a lot of colors to gather or improve the color of the chest, which are very market prospects.


The quality of a sexy underwear is whether the texture is soft, comfortable, and close.If the quality is not good, it will affect the breathability and skin intimateness of the underwear.Will send unpleasant smells and scratch the skin.

Pay attention to the material

The selection of underwear materials is a big problem. Good erotic underwear should pay attention to fabrics. Choosing good underwear fabric dishes can provide users with a soft, comfortable and personal feeling, and the breathability will be better, so as to provide a comfortable use experienceEssence

Suitable crowd

Different erotic underwear is suitable for different people.For example, the gathering of people with drooping chests is very good.The sexy underwear suitable for people with plump chest shapes is relatively small.There are also sexy and charming women, just simple and cute little girls, and they are different in pursuing elegance and fashion. Therefore, you need to choose the right product according to market demand.

market expectation

Interest underwear is a market with huge potential. With the progress of society and the liberation of sexual concepts, more and more people recognize the charm of sexy underwear, and is gradually turning to related production and sales areas.With the continuous improvement of people’s attention to the quality of life, fashion, and women’s self -provision, sexy underwear will gradually become an important consumption direction.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is very important for brands. Interest underwear brands need to continuously expand their markets, increase consumers’ understanding of their brand, thereby enhancing market preservation.At the same time, brand marketing also needs to attach importance to the establishment of brand trust and brand loyalty.

Good service

Good services can make customers feel assured and increase the repurchase rate of users.Sexy underwear sellers need to take every customer carefully, and enhance consumers’ trust in the brand through active service and timely response, thereby enhancing their customer groups, increasing brand reputation and user stickiness.

Overall view

Interest underwear is not only a need for life, but also an improvement of quality of life.Its generation also represents our progress of life.Through the investigation and understanding of the sexy underwear industry and the analysis of market demand direction, you can realize that the sex underwear market is a large potential field and a field with growth and market -oriented potential.

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