The goddess was torn of sexy underwear movies

Opening remark

Women wearing sexy underwear on weekdays can achieve the purpose of beauty and sexy, as a unique charm of women.But in some cases, these items can also be interpreted as a gender oppression, a violation of women’s bodies.Today, let’s talk about the movie of the goddess being torn of sexy underwear to explore the values and thoughts in it.

Plot in the film

In such movies, there are generally two kinds of plots: one is that women are attacked and clothes are torn off; the other is that women actively show their bodies.

About character settings

The role setting of women in the movie often is often a minority group in the current society, such as sex workers, little stars, margins, etc.This setting itself will make people think further.

About shooting method

When filming, it usually repeatedly shoots the same scene, which means that female actors must bear the suffering of "torn" many times.Does this violate the principle of female dignity?This is a question that needs to be considered.

The values of the film producer

The film producer may pursue commercial interests when shooting, and even incite the emotions of the audience.In this process, is there some deviations or misleading values, and disrespect and violation of women?

The contribution of male audiences

Male audiences will be excited or stimulated because of such movies, which is a normal physiological reaction in itself.But if they further believe that women should advocate this self -exploitation and display, this is the disrespect and violation of women.

Influencing young women’s concepts

What impact will such a movie affect young women?Will they think that showing the body is a kind of admirable behavior. Do you like to wear and sexy in public places?These are issues that need to be paid attention to.

The attitude towards wearing sexy underwear

For women, wearing sexy underwear is a way to express self, but at the same time, you should notice your rights and dignity, and do not be violated.This is a issue that a feminist has always emphasized.


The original intention of filming was to create entertainment effects, but these movies also made us think about women, gender and power.If we start with these issues, we will bring more justice and fair effects to society.


Women wearing sexy underwear have no problem in the movie. The key is how to respect this choice.Women’s rights and dignity should not be violated by anyone. This is not only a movie, but also the basic principle that we should follow in our lives.

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