The earliest sexy underwear show in Taiwan BT

Subverting traditional sexy underwear show

In Taiwan, sexy underwear is regarded as a tool that challenges tradition. It is an indispensable part of sex life, and the sexy underwear show has become a stage for showing this challenge.

Sexy girl as the main character

The protagonist in the sexy underwear show is usually a sexy woman, and they are usually professional models or practitioners in the sex industry.

Shorten the distance between the audience and the girl

Unlike the traditional fashion show, the sexy underwear show usually arranges the audience’s seat around the stage, enabling the audience to observe the performance of the model closer.

Multiple underwear style

In the sexy underwear show, the style and material of the underwear are very diverse. From sex, it is enchanting, from lace to leather.

Diverse expression form

The sexy lingerie show is different from the traditional fashion show. It can not only show underwear by walking the show, but also show the sexy and challenges of underwear through dance, performance and other forms.

Improve audience participation

In order to improve the audience’s participation, the fun underwear show usually leads the audience to actively participate, such as inviting audiences to come to the stage to interact.

The history of sexy underwear show

The earliest sexy underwear show dates back to the 1980s, when the club and the nightclub were mainly used as the display venue.

The meaning of sexy lingerie show

The fun underwear show represents an extreme expression of sexual life and is a challenge to the traditional lifestyle.At the same time, it has also promoted the special market of sexy underwear so that it can be accepted more widely by the public.

Disputes of sexy underwear show

For some people, the fun underwear show is an unhealthy expression, which is a bad impact on the morality and ethics of society.

The future of sexy lingerie show

With the development of society, the sexy lingerie show will continue to become a controversial topic, and at the same time, it will continue to break through its own restrictions and move towards more diversified and liberalized expression.


Whether it is a challenge for traditional culture or sex life, the sex underwear show will continue to exist and develop.What we need is to look at sex and life more rationally, and embrace a diversified expression.

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