The difference between stockings and sexy underwear

What is stockings?

Stockings are a kind of tight -fitting socks, usually made of silk, nylon or other similar materials.They can be very delicate, transparent, or have patterns. They are usually used by women to improve their sexy charm and match high heels for more formal occasions.

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear to increase sexual life.Their materials are usually softer fabrics, such as lace or translucent.The sexy underwear design is very personal, some with black leather, and some have companions to make various spiritual stimuli between couples.

Material difference

The material of stockings is usually very soft and smooth, including silk, nylon, talc powder, etc.The material of sex underwear is very rich, including lace, silk, cotton, artificial leather and so on.

Differences in style

A variety of styles of stockings are also a major feature, including ultra -fine flesh -colored nude stockings, black stockings, lace stockings, mesh stockings, etc., and there are many sexy lingerie styles., Bra, etc., suitable for different sex scenes.

Difference between function

Stockings are usually used to match clothes to enhance the temperament and taste of the wearer.The functions of sexy underwear are mainly to increase sexual stimuli and fun, and the specific function is different according to the style of the underwear.

Difference between wearing

Wearing stockings is usually formal occasions, with high heels to make the wearer more tall and beautiful.The occasion of wearing erotic underwear is usually in private evenings, in order to increase sexual interests and stimuli between lover.

The difference between the category of belonging to

Stockings are a reflection of women’s beauty and charm. With suitable clothes and shoes, women can make women more flexible and beautiful.And sexy underwear is a sexual tool and one of the sexual supplies.

Difficulty in dressing

The wearing of stockings is relatively simple compared to sexy underwear. Just insert your legs into the stockings and then pull it up slowly.And because the style and design are more complicated, it is relatively difficult to wear.

Difference between price

Like clothing, there is a huge difference in the price of stockings.Very ordinary stockings may not be expensive, while some high -level, complex, suitable stockings suitable for formal occasions have high prices.In contrast, the price of sexy underwear may be higher, because the design themes they usually follow are very personal and complicated.


Therefore, stockings and sexy underwear are both different products, each with their own characteristics and functions.The wearer can choose to wear according to different occasions and needs, but you must pay attention to the quality created by the manufacturer.

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