The complex process of wearing silicone and sexy underwear

The complex process of wearing silicone and sexy underwear

Everyone often sees some sexy models or artists on TV or on the Internet, dressed in various sexy underwear. Among them, silicone sexy underwear is also very popular.However, it is not easy to shuttle in various styles and styles of sexy underwear.This article will introduce the complex process of wearing silicon glue and sexy underwear in detail.

Choose the right size

It is essential to choose the appropriate size for silicone sexy underwear.First of all, we must focus on your own bust. Only the appropriate size can make the silicone sexy underwear show the best results.

Stick the silicone cup on the chest

In order to achieve the effect of silicone underwear, the silicone cup needs to be glued to the chest.First, you need to clean your chest to avoid affecting the stickiness of the cup.Then, pin the silicone cup on your chest, and press the silicone cup with your fingers to ensure that the cup is firmly sticking to the chest.

Set the silicone underwear in

Unlike traditional underwear, silicone sexy underwear usually has no shoulder straps.After wearing a silicone cup, you need to put the silicone underwear.There are some processes that are similar to the traditional skirts, but in the binding part of the silica, you need to be particularly careful to avoid making mistakes.

Ensure that the accessories meet the regulations

Some silicone sexy underwear may be equipped with some other accessories, such as stockings, gloves, and so on.It is very important to ensure that these accessories meet the local regulations.In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the color of these attachments matches the color of the silicone underwear, otherwise it may affect the overall effect.

Maintain the safety of the entire process

In the process of wearing silicone and sexy underwear, you need to pay special attention to safety.First of all, you cannot use a silicone cup, otherwise it may cause pressure on the chest and cause discomfort.Secondly, when using glue, health and safety need to be guaranteed.Use qualified glue, do not let glue come into contact with the skin.

Selection of hard silicone and soft silicone

Silicone sexy underwear can usually be divided into two types: hard silicone and soft silicone.Soft silicone is more suitable for people who need natural and soft visual effects, while hard silicone can provide it with a fuller and stronger effect.Therefore, when choosing a silicon -glue underwear, choose the texture that suits you.

Not suitable for everyone

It should be noted that wearing silicone and sexy underwear is not suitable for everyone.Some people with symptoms such as breast disease and chest tightness should avoid using silicone underwear to avoid harm to the body.Before choosing to wear silicone underwear, you should consult a professional physician to ensure your physical safety.

in conclusion

In short, the process of wearing silicone and sexy underwear is more complicated than traditional underwear, and more decisions and efforts need to be made.However, if the size, accessories and texture can be correctly selected, the silicone sexy underwear worn can leave a deep impression and sexy effect.

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