The bar is asked to wear sexy underwear to work


One day, I received a job opportunity for a high -end bar.Although this is my dream of work, when I started working, I found that I was asked to wear a sexy underwear.

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy and attractive underwear, usually including adult toys and other sex game props.Interest underwear can come from various styles and designs, including lace, transparency, bellyband, etc.

The reason for being asked to wear a sexy underwear

It is important to wear sexy and attract customers when working in a bar, because the target customers of the bar are mainly male customers.In order to attract these customers, I was asked to wear sexy underwear so that I could attract them visually.

The discomfort and confusion brought

This requirement makes me feel very uncomfortable and confused.I didn’t wear sexy underwear, and I think this requirement makes me feel forced.I started to consider whether to give up the job.

Seek advice

Before considering giving up this job, I decided to seek suggestions from some friends.My friend told me that this is not unusual. On some occasions, wearing sex underwear is acceptable.However, they also told me that if I feel uncomfortable, I should bring this question to my manager.

Talk to the manager

I decided to talk to my manager about my concerns.When I explained to him, he proposed another solution to me.He told me that I could wear clothing that is more suitable for me to replace myself.I am very grateful to his understanding and support.

Clothing alternative

The manager suggested that I can wear sexy but not exposed ordinary underwear, such as short -sleeved shirts and short skirts.This clothing allows me to attract customers visually, but at the same time make me feel comfortable and confident.

Experience and experience

Through this experience, I realize that the bar industry is a challenging industry, and we need to show professional and confidence.For those bars that require us to wear specific clothing or erotic lingerie, we should know our own limit, while constantly seeking support and suggestions from managers or colleagues.

How to deal with similar challenges

When we encounter similar challenges in work occasions, we should first seek suggestions from friends, family or colleagues.If we feel uncomfortable and we think this will affect our work performance, we should bravely put forward our concerns to our managers or employers.At the same time, we should also find other feasible solutions, such as changing clothing.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear may be suitable for some specific working occasions, but when we feel uncomfortable, or do this affect our work performance, we need to bravely express our ideas and actively find other feasible solutions.

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