Tao Mo Bao’s sexy underwear ancient style

Taobao sex lingerie ancient style

With the development of society and people’s aesthetics continuously updated, the sexy underwear of various styles has also emerged.Among them, the ancient style of sexy underwear is unique. It cleverly integrates ancient clothing elements into modern sexy underwear design, which makes people shine and popular.Today, let’s find a ancient style and sexy underwear!

1. History origin

Ancient style and fun underwear originated from the creative design of traditional Chinese clothing elements, such as Chinese cheongsam, Hanfu, Ming and Qing clothes, and so on.These unique clothing lines and smooth design are difficult to eliminate.And these elements are also very suitable for the needs of sexy underwear.

2. Creative design

The designers combine Chinese traditional clothing elements with modern fashion elements, and inject traditional elements such as stitching, lace, pearls, satin, embroidery, etc., so that ancient style and fun underwear integrates ancient culture and modern fashion.It also meets the various needs of women.

3. Material selection

In terms of the selection of ancient style and sexy underwear materials, it is mostly high -quality materials such as silk, satin, lace, linen, etc., smooth and gloss, comfortable feel, good breathability.The internal materials pay more attention to comfort and breathability.Because the dressing of sexy underwear is different, it pays more attention to comfort.

4. Style matching

The style of ancient style and sexy underwear is basically designed based on the gorgeous Chinese cheongsam, Hanfu, Ming and Qingfu.With unique lace, pearls, embroidery and other decorations, the sexy underwear is more gorgeous and fancy. When controlling different occasions, it can be more eye -catching.

5. Suitable occasion

Ancient style of sexy underwear is suitable for various occasions. Whether it is wearing home or wearing special occasions, it has a good charm.Wearing various occasions such as home, KTV, nightclubs, or adult party can bring people a different sexy experience.

6. Style selection

On Taobao, you can buy ancient style and sexy underwear with different styles of style, such as cheongsam -based styles, or style inspired by Hanfu, Ming and Qingfu.According to your own needs, it is possible to select sexy, sexy taste, comfort and other styles.

7. Size selection

The difference between ancient style and sexy underwear, mostly common sizes such as S, M, L, XL, are only for customers with special figures to choose custom styles.

8. Dressing skills

The wearing skills of ancient style sexy underwear are not complicated than other ordinary sexy underwear.Just pay attention to your body parts, try to play your own advantages, and show youthful beauty and confidence.


The price of ancient style and sexy underwear on Taobao is relatively suitable, and the quality will not be as bad as small shops, especially some brand flagship stores on Taobao.The ancient style of sexy underwear focuses on the integration of cultural elements, allowing people to better understand and learn ancient Chinese culture, provide people with more choices, and allow people to explore more beauty possibilities.

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