Sweater vest transformation sexy underwear video

Background introduction

With the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market and diversification, more and more women have begun to choose sexy underwear to increase self -confidence and change their image.However, the price of sexy underwear is high, which is not a small overhead for some people.Therefore, we should consider how to transform existing clothing and turn them into sexy sexy underwear.In the following, we will introduce how to transform sweater vests into sexy underwear and provide relevant video tutorials.

Required tools and materials

Sweat vests, scissors, wire pliers, pliers, elastic bands, needle wires, glue, silk lace, lace, pearls and other materials.

Production step

1. Use scissors to cut off the neckline, sleeves, hem and other parts of the sweater vest, and only keep the vest.

2. Use wire pliers and pliers to cut the lines in the middle of the sweater vest and separate the sides.

3. Switch the elastic tape with a needle line in the position of the sweater vest to form the effect of a tight skirt.

4. Slot or lace on the edge of the vest to increase the visual effect.

5. Switching pearls at the edge of the neckline and vests to increase the sparkling effect.

Video tutorial

The following video shows how to transform sweater vests into sexy underwear:

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Other precautions

1. When using glue, pay attention to avoid sticking to the skin. You should try it before trying it on to avoid allergies or other discomfort symptoms.

2. It is recommended to use dark sweater vests for transformation, which can better reflect the sexy effect.

3. Can use materials such as beads, lace, etc. to create unique design effects at the vests and necklines to increase sexy effects and personalized depth.


Through the above steps, we can turn the sweater vests that are not worn often into sexy sexy underwear, which not only saves money, but also increases its own DIY fun and enjoy gorgeous sexy!

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