Sexy underwear wearing method

Sexy underwear wearing method

Interesting underwear, as a prop to enhance interest and improve sex, is more and more loved by young people.However, how to correctly wear sexy underwear is a problem that plagues many people.This article will introduce the method of wearing sex underwear from multiple perspectives, so that you can better master wearing skills and make sex more pleasant.

1. Understand your figure

If you want to wear sexy underwear correctly, you must first understand your body size.Especially the underwear, the size is too small, it will be uncomfortable, too large, it will fold, affecting the beauty.Be careful to measure the hip and waist circumference, and choose the size that suits you.

2. Confirm the underwear style

There are many types of sexy lingerie, such as lace, ruffled edges, mesh, etc.Different styles are suitable for different occasions and types. You need to choose the right style according to your body and activities.

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3. Confirm the quality of the underwear

At the same time, when choosing a sexy underwear, we must also consider the comfort of wearing, especially the fabric and texture of the skin part.Comfortable materials can not only increase the experience of wearing, but also make people more confident.

4. Wear sequence

When wearing underwear, put on underwear first, then bra or top.You should pay attention to the method of wearing underwear. You can raise two ways. You must choose according to personal preferences and clothes.

5. Adjust the bra

When wearing a bra, pay attention to the correct way of wear.First, tighten your shoulder straps to ensure that the bra will not slip.Then, adjust the cup mouth and bottom of the cup to perfectly fit the chest and cup.

6. With clothing

The wearing of sexy underwear must also take into account the problem of matching clothing.Transparent and hollow underwear can be paired with layered clothes. Lace -style underwear can be paired with thin shirts and lace stitching jackets.

7. Pay attention to details

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At first glance without details, there will be no problems, but it will make the whole person look scattered and not beautiful.For example, the position of the pants waist should be perpendicular to the navel, not too high or too low; the shoulder strap should be parallel, not skewed, and so on.

8. Adjust the trend

After wearing a sexy underwear, adjust the posture slightly.Tighten the small posture adjustment of the abdomen, chest, and micro -side waist, which can make the beauty and comfort of the underwear more in the best state.

9. Self -confidence performance

After wearing a suitable sexy underwear, don’t forget to express yourself confidently. After all, one of the main functions of sexy underwear is to enhance confidence and interest.It is the best effect of sexy underwear to show your charm generously and confidently.

The changing and richness of sexy underwear is really difficult to choose.However, as long as you understand your physical condition and choose styles and textures, consider the sequence and details of the underwear, coupled with the self -confidence performance, you can make sex underwear increase interest and happiness while becoming your own beautiful landscape.