Sexy underwear SM couple novels

Interesting underwear SM couple novels: start a new life of marriage

Interest underwear has an important role in the life of husband and wife, especially SM sex underwear, which can make the sex life between husband and wife more interesting.The following is the true story of a couple, exploring how sexy underwear changes their marriage.

The first time I tried SM sex underwear

After many years of marriage, their emotional life gradually became dull.Until one day, they saw a special SM erotic underwear in the sex store, and they decided to try it under impulses.For the first time wearing this sexy underwear, they found that they had a passion that had never had before.

Given the other half of the control

This SM erotic underwear allows both husband and wife to experience the feeling that is different from usual. Through SM sex underwear, couples can exchange control and make sex life more fresh.The woman can try to wear SM sexy underwear and give the man control, and the man can also explore and experiment on the woman. This feeling of control and control has made both experience the pleasure that they have never had before.

Try new sex toys

SM sex underwear is not only a secret language between husband and wife, but also the beginning of exploring toys.Husbands and wives can try various sex toys, such as Shibari rope, spanking whip, etc., to find the most suitable sex element for you.

Experienced experience

Through SM sexy underwear and other sex toys, couples can enter the unprecedented experience of immersive experience. With the unique smell and feeling, their sexual life becomes more and more interesting.

Expand the vision of both parties

SM sex underwear is widely used in Europe and the United States, where SM culture is very mature.The husband and wife put on SM sex underwear, like wearing a new cultural shirt.They can expose new things, understand new culture, and open up their horizons.

Established a stronger trust relationship

SM sex underwear requires the first to trust the other half, and it requires mutual understanding and respect between husband and wife.SM sex underwear can not only improve interest, but also strengthen the trust relationship between husband and wife.

Promote communication between husband and wife

By useful and sexual toys between husband and wife, more pleasant and relaxed exchanges are more pleasant. The husband and wife can talk more freely their ideas and needs. This can deepen the communication between husband and wife and make each other more understanding.

Increased intimacy between husband and wife

Using sexy underwear and sex toys can increase the intimacy between the two sides.When a person feels his other half into a dramatic character, he will feel very close and attractive.The intimacy between husband and wife will be full of flowers.

in conclusion

SM sex underwear changed the marriage of the couple, making their sex life more interesting.In addition to increasing interest, SM’s sexy underwear can also establish stronger trust relationships, promote communication between husband and wife, and increase the intimacy between husband and wife.If your sex life is a bit boring, try SM sex underwear, maybe it will be a new starting point in your marriage.

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