Sexy underwear show spring beauty picture

Sexy underwear show spring beauty picture


With the improvement of fashion trends and people’s requirements for the quality of life, sexy underwear is becoming more and more loved and respected by beautiful women, especially in the spring season, many beauty selective love underwear to add points to themselves.Below, let’s enjoy some beautiful beauty underwear shows in spring.


Fresh pink, elegant purple and other colors are particularly popular in spring, suitable for girls to create a fresh and refined image.In terms of design, lace lace and detail cutting treatment can make the layering of the underwear more rich and more feminine.

Sexy temptation

Exposed – Striped Sheer Chemise – 4600

Sexual feelings are the favorite of beautiful women, especially on Valentine’s Day and summer party.Design details such as lace lace, mesh material, and patch can better show women’s body advantages and highlight the charm of temptation.


The noble and gorgeous type of sexy underwear is generally made of silk, chiffon, lace and other materials. Its design pays more attention to the use of details and color.For example, by cutting or adding sequins, beads and other accessories to make the whole more three -dimensional and romantic atmosphere.

Japanese and Korean trend

Japan and South Korea’s style of style are mainly girls, fresh, and loli, which are suitable for beautiful women with thick makeup.The design details are mainly elements such as cute flowers, cartoon anime characters, and use refreshing colors to create a pleasant image.

European and American fashion

European and American sexy underwear focuses on lines, three -dimensional sense, color and style, and the choice of materials.The design style is sexy and bold.It is very suitable for female friends with full chest to wear a perfect curve.

Elegant and classic

Elegant classic erotic underwear design is simple and generous, and the color tone is also more elegant. This style is suitable for women who have high requirements for themselves and calmly and confident.The design details are gorgeous and not lost. It is most suitable for wearing with high -end uniforms to show intellectual charm.


Natural comfort

Comfortable and natural sexy underwear emphasizes the comfort and natural sense of wearing, and unique design will make you feel like your skin.The commonly used materials are cotton, lace fabrics, etc., with simple designs to make beautiful women more confident in the spring of secretly sweating.

Small freshness

The small fresh -based sexy underwear is pursuing simple but not simple. The geometric pattern with a cool color is very suitable for wearing a simple and fresh beauty.Create a lively image with simple design.

Little Black Skirt Main Fun Underwear

Little black skirt is a classic style of women, but after being equipped with sexy underwear, it will make the overall image more perfect.For example, the body and high elastic lingerie are used to highlight the body curve, coupled with the matching of denim lapels, chiffon vests, etc., the overall image is more handsome and bright.

Spring is bright, show self -confidence

Walking on the runway of the sexy lingerie show, the beauties show their charm, showing the self -confidence and beauty of women.Bold choice, comfortable comfort is a breeze after the spring light, showing your beauty.