Sexy underwear security inspection

What is sexy underwear security inspection

Sex underwear safety inspection refers to a safe test of sexy underwear. The purpose is to ensure that the quality and safety of sex underwear meet the standards and provide consumers with a better experience and guarantee.

Standards for sexy underwear safety inspection

The standards of sexy underwear safety inspection mainly include size, material, printing and dyeing process, and sewing process.Every kind of sexy underwear has different standards, such as the security standards for sexy underwear and body -shaping underwear different.

Security process

The security check process of sexy underwear mainly includes material inspection, size inspection, printing and dyeing process inspection, sewing process inspection, and other aspects.First of all, it is necessary to check whether the material can fit the human skin and whether there is odor; second, check whether the size meets the design requirements; more, check whether the printing and dyeing process is color difference; finally, check whether the sewing process is complete and flawless.

Security instrument

Interesting underwear safety inspections require a variety of instruments to detect, including strength tester, dry oven, fabric thickness machine, etc.These instruments can accurately measure the parameters of sexy underwear to ensure that each product meets the security standards.

Detector requirements

The security inspection of sexy underwear requires professional testing personnel. These test personnel require professional skills and knowledge, and can be able to use security instruments and testing methods skillfully.

The issuance of the test results

After the security underwear is inspected, the test personnel will issue a corresponding inspection report based on the test results. The report will specify in detail whether the product meets the security standards and information such as testing data and results.

The importance of sexy underwear safety inspection

The strict implementation of sexy underwear safety inspections will help protect consumers’ rights and interests and promote the development of the sexy underwear industry.In the long run, only by ensuring the quality and safety of sexy underwear can we effectively improve the reputation and sustainable development of the industry.

How to distinguish whether to pass security checks?

Consumers can determine whether the sex underwear has passed the security check by checking the product logo and qualified certificate.Under normal circumstances, qualified sexy underwear will marked related certification marks on the logo.

How to avoid unqualified security underwear security checks?

When buying sexy underwear, consumers should choose regular channels and qualified merchants.In addition, consumers can also carefully check the product logo and qualification certificate before buying to ensure that the product has passed the security check.


The importance of sexy underwear safety inspection is self -evident. For our physical and mental health, it is recommended that you carefully check the product logo and qualified certificate when buying to avoid unqualified products.

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