Sexy underwear men and women have different code differences

Sexy underwear men and women have different code differences

Sexy underwear men and women have different code differences

1. The focus of women’s sexy underwear design

The design of women’s erotic underwear is to emphasize the body curve and beauty, mainly to highlight breast lines, waist and plastic hips.Women’s erotic underwear is also richer in color, and common colors include pink, lace, lace, purple, red, etc.

2. The focus of the design of men’s erotic underwear

The design of men’s sex lingerie is to enhance men’s self -confidence and sexy, mainly through enhancement of the curve beauty of men’s lower body.The common color of men’s sex underwear includes black, white, red, etc. Some special styles will use colorful patterns and printing design.

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3. The difference between material selection

Women’s erotic lingerie materials are soft and comfortable, delicate, and easy to clean.Common materials include lace, lace, mesh, etc.Men’s sexy underwear pays more attention to the elasticity, ventilation and support of fabrics. The commonly used materials are Modal, nylon and polyester materials.

4. Different size standards

Because the body structure of men and women is different, the size standards of sexy underwear are also different.Women’s sexy underwear size ranges from XS to XXXL, while men’s sexy underwear size pays more attention to the length and hips of the lower body.

5. Difference in style design

Women’s sexy lingerie design is more diverse, including sexy three -point, lace camisole, hollow design, etc.Men’s sexy lingerie styles are mainly men’s lace three -point set, sexy shoulder bag shorts, etc.

6. The difference between lines and tailoring design

Women’s erotic lingerie lines and tailoring design are more fit in shape and create a beautiful curve beauty.Men’s sexy underwear pays more attention to the protruding effect of the lower body. It is often paired with thickened pads and three -dimensional cutting design.

7. Functional differences

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Women’s erotic underwear is mainly visual stimulation for couples, while men’s sexy underwear enhances the shape and visual effects of the lower body.Men’s sexy underwear also has a storage function, which can be placed condoms and other small items.

8. Different brand and market positioning

The market positioning of women’s sex lingerie is relatively mature, with more brands, and most brands are positioning to high -end market positioning.And men’s sex lingerie brands are relatively small, the market is relatively young, and the price is relatively affordable.

9. The difference between consumption habits

The consumption habits of women’s sex lingerie pay more attention to brand and quality, more cautious in buying, and focus on trials and quality control when buying.Men’s sexy underwear is mostly purchased, pays more attention to price and style, and there are no particularly high requirements for brands and quality.

10. Different social acceptance

As an important part of the consumer market, women’s sexy lingerie has obtained a high degree of social recognition and acceptance.Men’s sexy underwear market is relatively young, and the audience is not very extensive. It has been criticized and misunderstood.


The difference between men and women in sexy underwear has a difference. From the perspective of design focus, material selection, size standards, style design, lines and tailoring design, functionality, brand and market positioning, consumption habits and social acceptance, comparison.There are still great differences in the design and market positioning of men’s and women’s sexy lingerie. With the opening of social thoughts and the continuous growth of market demand, the development prospects of the sex underwear market are still very broad.