Sexy underwear bra belly

Sexy underwear bra belly

What is a sexy underwear bra?

Fun underwear bra and bellyband is a must -have for women. They can enhance women’s self -confidence and sexual attractiveness and make women more mysterious and tempting.The bra is an important underwear for women, mainly to support the breast, modify the figure, and show the beautiful curve.The bellyband is a slim -fitting jacket that can effectively close the abdomen and modify the waist lines, making the woman’s body more perfect.

S classical of sexy underwear bra

There are many types of erotic underwear bra, common ones are steel rim bra, thickened chest pad bra, shoulder strap bra, triangular hood, 3/4 cups, full cups, etc.Different bras are suitable for different scenes and wear, and women need to choose according to their needs.

1. No steel ring bra

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The steel -free bra is designed with no steel ring, which will not cause chest restraint, comfortable and natural, suitable for women who need sedentary or exercise.And because there is no steel ring, it is relatively cheaper.

2. Thickened chest pad bra

The thickened chest pad bra is mainly because some women’s chest is small or not plump enough, and it needs to be improved by increasing the chest pad.The material of the chest pads is mostly sponge, cotton, silicone, etc. The chest pads of different materials will have different feelings and effects.It should be noted that excessive dependence of chest pads may cause breast sagging, and appropriate choices and matching should be performed.

3. Shoulder strap bra

The shoulder strap bra is a design for off -shoulder installations and vest, showing sexy temptation in a transparent or no form.The support of the shoulder strap bra is mainly provided by the rear band and the side band structure. It should be noted that during the wear process, you need to maintain a suitable position to prevent the bra from slipping or shifting.

Classification of bellybands

The bellyband has two types: conjoined and split -type. The conjoined type is suitable for women with skirts. The split type is suitable for women who want to wear pants.The material of the bellyband mainly includes lace, silk, cotton yarn, etc. Different materials have different touch and effects.

4. Conjusational bellyband

Conjusational bellyband is a design with a combination of bellyband and bra, which can perfectly modify women’s body and lines.Conjusational bellybands are mostly made of lace or silk, which is suitable for amazing occasions.


5. Skin -type bellyband

The split -type bellyband is composed of the two parts: the upper and lower parts, which can effectively close the abdomen and shape the hip curve.The split -type bellyband is mostly made of cotton yarn or silk, which is more suitable for daily wear than the continuous form.

Fun underwear bra and bellyband maintenance

Interest underwear bra and bellyband is a relatively private underwear. You need to pay attention to daily maintenance.Generally speaking, the sexy underwear bra and bellyband should be replaced every day. By bleaching water and dryers are prohibited to avoid high temperature drying, sunlight exposure, and soaking for a long time.

How to choose love underwear bra and bellyband?

When choosing a love underwear bra, you must first choose according to your body and needs, including the bray type, shoulder strap and bust of the bra. The bellyband must also be selected according to factors such as height, waist, hip, and legs.In addition, the style, color and texture of the sexy underwear bra, color, and texture also need to be considered, and choose according to your temperament and needs.

Sexual underwear bra and bellyband precautions

As a sexy underwear, sexy underwear brands need to pay attention to the occasions and matching of wearing.For example, in formal occasions, you need to use appropriate clothing to avoid glowing or too exposed; in family leisure, you can appropriately show sexy charm; on friends gatherings, choosing simple styles to show nature and comfort is also a good choice.


Interest underwear bra and bellyband is an indispensable inside of women, which can improve women’s self -confidence and face value, show women’s sexy charm.Choose a sexy underwear bra and bellyband and do the correct maintenance and wear, which can make women more beautiful and confident and show their charm and courage.