Sexy lingerie style picture Daquan

Sexy lingerie style picture Daquan

The first part: corset style

The most common in sex underwear is the corset, and the corset has many different styles.Among them, the most classic is bra. It is generally divided into 3/4 cups and full cups.In addition, there are many types of triangular cups, Tarot cups, no trace cups, water droplets, and so on. Different erotic lingerie styles can be paired with different clothes, allowing you to exude different charm on different occasions.

Part 2: T -style pants style

T -shaped pants are classic styles in sexy underwear and are sexy representatives.T -shaped pants are usually divided into T back pants, T front pants, rear thongs, T front thongs, etc.These styles can not only show your exquisite figure, but also greatly enhance your sexuality.

Part 3: Stockings Style

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In addition to corsets and T -shaped pants, stockings are also an important part of sexy underwear.Stockings of different materials can show different effects. For example, high elastic smooth stockings can show the silky texture, while network line stockings are more sexy.In addition, there are many styles of stockings, such as large lace mesh stockings, lace lace stockings, frosted black stockings and so on.

Part IV: Jeans Style

Jeans are a relatively small style in sexy underwear, but they are also very sexy choices.The material of the body pants is usually soft, such as lace, gauze nets.In the wear, there are many styles of body pants, such as off -the -shoulder jumpsuit, deep V -neck jumpsuit, mesh eye perspective jumpsuit and so on.

Part 5: Lace style

Lace is one of the most classic elements in sexy underwear. The design of lace can be very detailed and soft, showing women’s tenderness and sexy.Lace stockings, lace jumpsuits, lace bra, lace skirt, etc. are all classic lover of lace elements.

Part 6: Tight -fitting style

Tights have always been a special one in sexy underwear. It can wrap the body tightly and highlight the curve and body of women.The style of tights is also very rich. You can have off -back tights, off -shoulder tights, perspective tights, etc., choose according to any temperament.

Part 7: Sexy suit style

Sexy suits are usually composed of corset, thong and stockings.The styles and materials of the set are also very diversified. While ensuring sexy sexy, it will also take into account comfort and breathability.Similarly, sexy suits in sexy underwear can also be selected according to different needs and taste.

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Part 8: role -playing style

Role -playing is another unusual choice in sexy underwear, allowing people to become different roles and add more exploration and stimulation to the world of sex.Sexy nurse, student girl, police, stewardess and other role -playing and clothing can be easily found in sexy underwear shops.


Sexy underwear has rich and diverse styles and elements. No matter which style of underwear you like, you can find a choice that suits you in sexy underwear.Every woman deserves some sexy, gorgeous and comfortable sexy underwear, adding more charm to herself.