Sexy lingerie bras novels

Sexy lingerie bras novels

What is a sexy lingerie bra?

Interest underwear bras are a hollow underwear, which aims to enhance the visual effect of the chest.In layman’s terms, it is a shaped underwear that can float women’s chest and make it look more plump and sexy.

S classical of sexy lingerie bras

Fun underwear bras can be divided into the following categories according to the thickness of different styles, lining materials, and chest pad materials:

Hard -noodle bracket type: The thick lining material makes the underwear cup more stiff.Has a strong shaping effect;

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Thin cup braces: Generally use thin coasters materials, light and breathable, providing a slight shaping effect;

Glue bras: hollow underwear made of polyurethane glue.The glue is close to the skin, but there is no dream, but it has a certain stimulation of the skin.

The material of the sexy lingerie bra

The main material of sexy lingerie bras is synthetic fibers. Generally, synthetic fibers are used for polyester, acrylic, nylon and elastic fiber.These fibers have the characteristics of flexible, skin -friendly, and breathable.The chest pads of the underwear are made of foam, sponge, and gel to improve the fit and plumpness.

How to wear sexy lingerie bras

Several aspects need to be paid attention to in sexy lingerie bras:

Select the right size: the size of the underwear must be accurate, it will compress the breasts too tightly, affecting blood circulation; if it is too loose, there is no shaping effect of the underwear;

Desment method: First put on underwear, lift your chest, and attribute your chest to the underwear cup.Then hook from the back and adjust it moderately;

Adjust the chest pad: adjust the position of the chest pad to make the chest more natural.

Fetish Wear

Sex lingerie bras matching

When sexy lingerie bras are suitable for wearing deep V -neck, back, or navel, it can enhance the three -dimensional sense of the chest and play a role in beautifying the shape.

Suggestion of the purchase of sexy lingerie bras

Pay attention to the following points when buying sexy lingerie bras:

Choose underwear produced by regular manufacturers to avoid buying imitation products or counterfeit products;

When buying, consider the balance of comfort and plastic effect, so as not to pursue too much appearance and ignore comfort;

It is best to try it on before purchasing to ensure that the size and comfort are appropriate.

Male watching women wear sexy lingerie bra

Many men will feel that women are sexy and tempting to wear sexy lingerie bras, but this concept should be moderate, and men should respect women’s self -choice of underwear.At the same time, in sexual life, men should respect women’s wishes, tolerance and respect.

Maintenance of sexy lingerie bras

Fun underwear bras need to pay attention to the following maintenance:

Washing method: Hand washing is a better choice, using neutral cleaner or special underwear cleaner;

Drying method: Do not expose to the sun, choose the cool place to dry naturally;

Save method: The underwear is kept dry and can be placed in the wardrobe to avoid moisture;

Replacement cycle: Long-term dressing can cause relaxation and cause a bad impact on the body. Therefore, it is recommended to change every 6-12 months.

The popularity of sexy lingerie bras

With the continuous strengthening of sexual openness, sexy lingerie bras are becoming more and more popular with women.In the future, the underwear market will pay more attention to the combination of comfort and fashion, and the fashion style of gathering clothing designers will be valued by more and more people.


The temptation of sexy lingerie bras must not be ignored, but wearing underwear is not only to pursue visual aesthetics, but also consider comfort and health.At the same time, gender equality, men should respect women’s options, carry out healthy, civilized, and rational sexual exchanges.