Sexy lingerie bipoire

Sexy lingerie bipoire

Sexy lingerie bipoire

In the erotic underwear industry, there is a special customer group called "bisexuality", and they have unusual aesthetic and needs.As an expert in sexy underwear, we need to understand the needs of bisexual acceptance and provide them with appropriate choices.

1. What is bisexual?

"Performance" refers to those who are neither men nor women, but sometimes they are biased towards one of them.Such people have unique needs and desires for their bodies and hearts.In the field of sexy underwear, they will make unique choices for sexy underwear.

2. Bisexual aesthetic preference

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The aesthetic preferences of the bisexual suffering are often affected by the opposite sex and the same sex.Therefore, they will like sexy underwear with a combination of women and male elements: such as sexy and soft factors in women’s underwear, as well as the strength and masculinity in men’s underwear.

3. The choice of bisexuality for sexy lingerie styles

When choosing a sexy lingerie style, bisexuals are required to have the characteristics of dynamicity, healthy and transparent.For example, some bisexuals like more transparent sexy underwear, because this underwear can expose some parts of the body and make them feel the dual pleasure.

4. The requirements for the material for the bisexuality

The material of sexy underwear is very important for bisexual acceptance.They generally choose a soft texture of sexy underwear, because this can make them more comfortable, and it is easier to make them feel the intimacy of underwear and body.

5. Recommended style: Warrior set

There is a style of sexy underwear suitable for bisexuals: warrior set.This underwear combines women’s sexy and men’s power, and there are many design elements such as transparent, revealing, lace, etc., which can make bisexual stimulation.

6. Recommended style: SM set

For bisexuals who like SM games, we recommend classic SM suits.This sexy underwear products include soft leather and charming accessories, which can enrich sensory stimuli and gain freedom and control.

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7. Recommended style: wedding dress

Some bisexuals may also have the need to wear women’s wedding dresses.Therefore, some merchants have designed wedding dresses that are suitable for these bisexuals, and perfectly show the temperament of bisexual suffering through both inside and outside.

8. Bisexual attitude towards sexy underwear

Bisexuality will pay more attention to the quality and design of sexy underwear.For them, underwear is a close connection between themselves and sensory. They hope to experience the stimulus and charm of sexy underwear as much as possible.


We need to consider this unique customer group, develop more specific sexy underwear design and choices, so that they can experience the more pleasant, relaxed and satisfying sexy underwear shopping experience.