Sexuality and Emotional Lepato Open File

Sexuality and Emotional Lepato Open File

Sexuality and Emotional Lepato Open File

As a special underwear that can increase interest and mood, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of modern men and women.Sexual emotional interesting underwear is particularly popular.And the "opening type" is a controversial style.In this article, we will introduce a few common sexual feelings and fun lingerie.

1. Standard opening type

Standard opening type is the most basic opening type.It allows wearers to perform various sexual behaviors without taking off their underwear.Compared with general underwear, it adds an opening to key parts to make sex more free and convenient.

2. B -shaped crotch opening type

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B -shaped crotch opening type is very common in women’s sexy underwear.It adopts a B -shaped design, which can more effectively protect women’s private parts and make them feel more at ease and comfortable in sex.

3. U -shaped crotch opening type

The U -crotch opening type is a common choice for men.The design of the crotch opening is also used, but unlike other types, it will use a special U -shaped port design to highlight the male penis of men, making men more comfortable and convenient when sex.

4. T -shaped crotch opening type

The T -shaped crotch opening type is a type of open -range underwear similar to the standard opening type but more finely designed.Its special thing is that its relatively short "file cloth" can make women feel more comfortable during sex, but it will not fully expose its lower body.This style of underwear is suitable for women who don’t like completely open underwear but want to try special styles.

5. High waist opening type

The special feature of the high -waisted opening type is that, compared to the common pencil skirt opening, its opening design is relatively high, and it exposes the thighs of sexy women more.It is suitable for women who want to show their body advantages but do not like all naked.

6. Tear -type opening type

The tearing type opening type is a "relative violence" open underwear style.Compared to other common styles, you need to open the opening, this style will directly set the opening on the clothes. When the wearer only needs to tear it gently when sex, you can easily open this opening for sex.But correspondingly, this style of underwear is not durable and easy to damage.

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7. Conjunction

The connective opening type is a relatively novel style. In addition to opening a opening in the crotch, it is also average with a dress, which can wrap the entire body.This style of underwear is suitable for women who like to try novel and want to be comfortable in sex.

8. Open socks

The opening of socks is relatively rare, but it is a more practical underwear style.In addition to the design of the open crotch, it will also add a pair of socks with the same color as the underwear, so that the wearer can add attractive beauty to the leg.Experience.

9. S three

The biggest feature of a three -dimensional open -range underwear is that the structure of the crotch is strong. It will use more fabrics, and the three -dimensional tailoring design makes this style of underwear more comfortable to wear.

10. No gear opening type

The open underwear without gear refers to the design without actual opening in the crotch.The general design is to connect all underwear fabrics into one, and use completely seamless design.Although it seems not suitable for sex, its material is elastic and comfortable to wear.Moreover, this underwear is often designed with vibers, which can be used as a stimulus in the body.

in conclusion

After the above introduction, we can summarize the use of these common sexy underwear.Different underwear is suitable for different people. Therefore, before buying, it is best to consider your needs and preferences, and buy a sexy underwear that suits you.