Sending the sexy underwear you watched

Sending the sexy underwear you watched

Sending the sexy underwear you watched


Confidence is the quality that every woman should have.Modern women not only pay attention to the matching of clothes, but also wear sexy sexy underwear, but also show their unique charm and confidence.But buying suitable sexy underwear is often a technical work.This article will introduce you to how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, helping women to show their charm confidently.

The overall effect of sexy

Sexy sexy underwear is usually made of light or transparent materials. Materials such as lace, silk, linen cloth and other materials are widely used in the production of sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, choose the appropriate material and style according to your body and personal temperament.For example, a full -bodied woman is suitable for selecting a loose -band sexy underwear, which can better highlight their curve beauty.In terms of fabrics, tulle or lace will make people have a stronger visual impact, showing a more sexy overall effect.

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There are many types of sexy underwear, but they are mainly divided into the following categories: sets, role -playing clothes, lace jumpsuits, lace suits, three -point sets, tights, etc.These types have their own characteristics and applicable occasions, and need to be selected according to personal conditions.For example, women who want to show their body lines can choose lace jumpsuits, and women who want to be more charming can choose role -playing clothes.

Color of underwear

Sexy sexy underwear must have a sense of mystery, and color is the key to creating mystery.Common sexy underwear is black, white, red and pink.If you want to have styles, you can choose black sexy underwear; if you want to be more delicate and cute, you can choose pink or white, while red is the first choice for femininity.

Underwear size

Selecting size is a factor that must be considered to take care of underwear comfort, and it can also reflect the beauty of curve unique to women.Some women often choose small -scale sexy underwear, thinking that they can better highlight their body lines. However, this will cause the stuck of the underwear, not only will not highlight the body lines, but will make the figure look bloated.Therefore, for the size of the size of the sexy underwear, the physical data must be measured carefully, and the choice is made according to the official size table.

Underwear style

Different erotic lingerie styles are different and occasionally different.For example, fish net sexy underwear is suitable for thinner women, and has a strong visual effect; while lace sexy underwear is suitable for full -body women, which can highlight the curve beauty of the chest.In addition, there are basic erotic lingerie suitable for a wide range of body shapes and occasions, which is also a good choice for sexy.

Comfort and breathable

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When choosing a sexy lingerie, you need to consider comfort and breathability. You do not want to endure unbearable struggles and tingling when wearing sexy underwear. At the same time, the appropriate breathability can play a better health role.In fact, poor breathability of sexy underwear often gives people a sense of oppression, which does not achieve comfortable effects and affects normal quality of life.


High -quality sexy underwear is by no means a vitamin that is preferred to eliminate, and women need to protect their sexy underwear.Interesting underwear should not be washed at high temperature. It is recommended to choose hand washing or professional washing. If you need to use a washing machine, you should place it in the underwear dehydration bag and choose the gentle or gentle mode in the washing program; avoid drying and bleaching operations, and you cannot chemically dry them.Keep in mind that no matter what kind of underwear is, you need to check it carefully before you wear it to ensure that you do n’t need to clean, and the frequency of washing should not be too low.

the way of buying

In most cases, buying sexy underwear is often not a task that people complete in daily life.In addition, most people may not know their physical condition before buying sexy underwear and have some doubts. Then I suggest that you can learn about some websites or physical stores before buying, such as Alibaba, Tmall, Taobao, JD, and Suningetc.


At this point, I have introduced some techniques and precautions for purchasing fun underwear.If you want to show your charm confidently, then you should start shopping!It is important that when choosing, you must analyze it according to your body and personal temperament, and only in this way can you choose your suitable sexy underwear.Please rest assured that as the use increases, your tone will become more and more outstanding!