Seeing my wife buying sexy underwear

Seeing my wife buying sexy underwear

When I saw my wife buying sexy underwear on the website, I felt very surprised and curious.I always think that sexy underwear is prepared for Valentine’s Day or honeymoon.However, my wife told me that sexy underwear was very helpful for rich husband and wife’s sexual life.Here are some information about the type and knowledge I got when I understand the love underwear.

Different types of sexy underwear

In the sexy underwear market, there are many different types of underwear.Here are some of the most popular types:

1. Three -point sexy underwear

This small and exquisite sexual emotional affair has normal bra and underwear, and only one crotch connects them in the middle.The charm of this sexy underwear is that it is small and makes emotions more high.

2. Blocks of eye masks and handcuffs

This sexy underwear is usually equipped with other sex products, such as handcuffs and shackles.Handcuffs are interesting tools to help both parties enter sexual intercourse, while straps are props to enhance stimuli.

3. Transparent lace sexy underwear

Transparent lace sexy underwear is very common in the market.The beauty of this sexy underwear is that it generously shows the curve of the female body while maintaining basic comfort.

Choose the right sexy underwear

It is important to choose the right sexy underwear.Here are some suggestions for choosing a sexy underwear that suits you:

1. Find the underwear that suits you

Everyone’s body and style are different. It is essential to find a sexy underwear suitable for themselves.

2. Determine the type and consider comfortable

When choosing a sexy underwear, comfort is a very important factor.Make sure you choose your own and comfortable underwear.

3. Quality

The quality of erotic underwear is very important for sexual life.Choosing a good quality sexy underwear can ensure long -term use and maintain its charm.


Although sexy underwear adds a bit of fun to the life of husband and wife, there are some precautions about using them when using them, such as::

1. Process

You should understand its use process before using sex underwear to ensure the best use effect.

2. Suggestions

For those who use sexy underwear for the first time, it is recommended to use some simple sexy underwear tools to avoid rebound and other accidents.

3. Cleaning and maintenance

Interest underwear needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently to ensure that it maintains good hygiene and style.

How to choose sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, the following are some factors that should be paid attention to:

1. Self -consciousness

Choosing a sexy underwear that is consistent with your physical consciousness is an important consideration.Make sure to choose a sexy underwear that conforms to your own personality and physical form.

2. Creative preferences

When choosing sexy underwear, the creative preferences of both parties should be considered.Make sure you choose a underwear designed for yourself and husband and wife.

3. Quality and comfort

Quality and comfort are very important. Choosing comfortable and soft sexy underwear can ensure long -term use and comfortable sexual life.

in conclusion

In general, sexy underwear is not to satisfy the husband and wife’s Valentine’s Day, but to increase the stimulus and fun of the relationship between husband and wife.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose your own underwear and pay attention to its comfort and quality.In addition, when using sexy underwear, it should be used in accordance with the specified program.In the end, the choice of sexy underwear depends on the creativity and willingness between husband and wife.

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