President Jiao Wife Fairy Lordwin Novels

President Jiao Wife Fairy Lordwin Novels

before the start

In this story, I will tell you a story about the President’s wife. She is a woman that everyone loves. Her name is Lily.Lily is a very attractive woman, not only beautiful appearance, but also very soft and warm.Lily’s husband is a very powerful businessman, his name is Jack.There are many fun in Lily and Jack’s life, including the love of sexy underwear.

The next story

Lily always surprises her husband, Jack, and sexy underwear has become her weapon.Lily likes to wear red sexy underwear because red is a very sexy color.She found a very good sexy underwear shop and spent a lot of time to choose.

Choose sexy underwear skills

Lily knows how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.First of all, she likes to choose sexy underwear with fine quality such as tailoring and fine quality, high -quality material, and comfortable and wearable.Secondly, Lily likes to try different styles and colors, she believes that this will make her more perfect.In the end, she also likes to communicate with the salesperson to better understand the knowledge of underwear and product maintenance.

A very special date for Lily and Jack

One day, Lily wanted to surprise Jack.She put on a white sexy underwear and a red lace belt, which looked very sexy.When she walked into the room, Jack’s eyes almost fell out. He hugged Lily lovingly and enjoyed a beautiful night.

Welcome to the sexy underwear of major challenges

Once, Jack needs to travel for three months.When Lily heard the news, she was very sad.However, she did not let the news depression. On the contrary, she wore different colors and styles of sexy underwear during this time to maintain passion and confidence. After Jack returned, he gave him a room full of sexy underwear for him.Love can’t bear it.

The power of sexy underwear

Lily’s husband’s husband, Jack, is a very busy person who is always under various pressures.But Lily can always bring some comfort.Interest underwear can not only increase their love, but also improve their sexual life.Lily believes that sexy underwear does have a magical magic, which can change people’s physical and mental and emotional aspects.


President Jiao Wife’s sexy underwear experience not only helps her successfully have a happy marriage, but also inspires other women to pursue more beautiful, more confident and sexy self.Therefore, sexy underwear is no longer a seemingly blurred thing, but a fashion life experience that continues to flip and improves the quality of life. It is worth trying.

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