Open file pearl butterfly knot sexy underwear

What is the opening of the file pearl butterfly knot sexy underwear

Open -stall pearl butterflies are a special sexy underwear.Unlike traditional erotic underwear, it is special in its open lower part to cooperate with interesting activities.At the same time, it also has a cute bow, which increases the sexy and playful atmosphere.

What are suitable

Open -stall pearl butterfly sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that is very suitable for playing on the bed.Its lower part makes it very convenient to use in fun activities, and its bow has increased the fun and playfulness of the game.

Which body is suitable

Open -stall pearl butterflies have no special requirements for figures.In terms of size, it is usually standard size, which can meet the needs of most women.If you have special needs, you can customize sex underwear according to your physical condition to ensure the best effect and comfort.

Material selection

The material of the opening pearl butterflies is very important because it directly affects comfort and sexy.Generally speaking, sexy underwear made of silk or lace is more suitable. They are soft, comfortable, breathable, and have good elasticity and texture.

How to match

Open -stall pearl butterflies Interesting underwear needs to be matched with other costumes.It can be paired with other sex clothing such as stockings, high heels, and sexy underwear.It is recommended to choose simple accessories to make sexy underwear the highlight of the entire clothing.

How to maintain

Open -file pearl butterflies need to pay special attention to maintenance.First of all, you should wash it by hand, and you must not use machine washing.Secondly, warm or cold water should be washed and a neutral laundry solution should be used.Finally, when drying, you should avoid direct sun exposure to avoid dry drying machines.

Brand recommendation

There are many different brands of different brands of pearl butterflies in the market. Some of the more famous brands include Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, Agent Provocateur, etc.

Price range

The price of opening pearl butterflies in sexy underwear depends on various factors, including materials, brands, styles, and so on.Generally speaking, their price is between $ 50 and $ 200.


Before buying the open -stall pearl butterfly, you need to understand your body and needs.You can consult a professional sexy underwear expert or find related evaluation articles to choose the product that suits you before purchasing.It is best to choose some brands with reputation and excellent reputation to obtain high -quality products and services.

in conclusion

Open -stall pearl butterfly sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that is very special and suitable for bed activities.When you choose to open the pearl butterflies to make fun underwear, you need to understand your physical condition and needs, and choose the size, materials and styles that are suitable for you.Finally, remember the maintenance and maintenance of sexy underwear to ensure its comfort and durability.

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