More exciting than sex underwear

More exciting than sex underwear

As a sexy underwear expert, I know that interesting underwear is an important magic weapon that can enhance sexual interest.But at the same time, there are other ways to make our sexual experience more exciting.In this article, I will share some methods that are different from sexy underwear but are also effective.

1. Toys

In sexual life, toys are a very common way of flirting.Both men and women can use a variety of toys to enhance sexual interest.And now the types of toys on the market are very rich, which can meet the needs of almost everyone.

2. role -playing

Role -playing allows us to enter different identities and try different experiences.This method can make your sexual experience more exciting and interesting.You can play different roles in bed, such as police and criminals, doctors and patients.

3. Lifetime

Sometimes, the usual lifestyle can also affect our sexual experience.If your lifestyle is relatively monotonous, it is difficult to have a stimulating sexual experience.Therefore, we can change our lifestyle and try new things to make our sex life more exciting.

4. How to relax yourself

Relaxing the importance of sexual experience is self -evident.However, how to relax is a very worthy of discussion.We can relax ourselves in various ways, such as massage, meditation, and so on.Only when we are completely relaxed and our body is relaxed can we make our sexual experience more exciting.

5. companion

Sometimes a companion accompanies us to make our sex life more exciting.Share sexual experience with your companions can make you more relaxed.

6. Enhance your self -confidence

Improving self -confidence can make you relax and confident in sex, so it is more pleasant.There are many ways to improve self -confidence, such as fitness, wearing beautiful clothes, and so on.

7. Bring surprise

Surprise is also one of the important factors to enhance sexual interest.We can try some fresh things, such as trying new places and new postures. These surprises can make our sexual experience more exciting.

8. Anthology of thought

The communication of thought allows us to understand and love each other and increase the understanding and desire for sex.In sexual experience, we can better understand each other’s thoughts and needs and better cater to each other.

in conclusion

In short, sexy underwear is one of the important factors to enhance sexual interest, but it is not the only one.We can try many ways to enhance our sexual experience.If we can combine these methods, we can get a more perfect experience.

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