How to use sexy underwear nurses clothes clips

What is the sexy underwear nurses?

Fun underwear nursing clip is a common sexy underwear accessory, which is usually used in the insertion action in the process of simulation to enhance visual and experience effects.It is different from other types of sexy underwear because it is not worn on the body.Instead, it needs to be sandwiched on sexy underwear to use.

Features of nurse clothing clip

Nursing clips are usually made of hard plastic or metal, which are cylindrical and cone -shaped at both ends, so that they can be sandwiched on both sides of the sexy underwear.Its length and diameter are designed to adapt to different types of sexy underwear.Generally, its length is between 7 and 10 cm and the diameter is between 1 and 2 cm.The color and texture of the nurse’s clip are diverse, and you can choose according to your preferences.

How to use a nurses?

It is very simple to use a nurse suit clip.First of all, you need to wear sexy underwear on your body.Then, find a large gap from both sides of the sexy underwear and insert the end of the cone in the nurse’s clip.Then rotate the nurse slightly slightly, so that it can firmly pinch the underwear.Repeat this process and insert one end of another cone design into the other side of the sex underwear.

The role of nursing clip

When the nurse’s clip is sandwiched on both sides of the sexy underwear, it will provide resistance and increase the actual thrusting feeling when simulation sex.This can not only improve the fun of enjoyment, but also increase the sense of joy in actual sex.It can also make the sex process more exciting by enhancing the visual effect.

The advantages and disadvantages of nurse clothes clips

The advantage of using a nursing clip is that it can provide a more realistic sex analog effect, because it simulates the actual insertion activity.It can also increase visual effects for sexy underwear and enhance the visual communication of sex.The disadvantage is that it may cause discomfort and pain during use. If the clamping force is too large or the time is too long, it may cause damage to the sexy underwear.

Cleaning and maintenance of nurse clips

To keep the nurses cleaning and hygiene, it is necessary to clean it frequently.Usually, clean it with warm water and soap, and then dry it with a clean towel.In terms of maintenance, pay attention to keeping dry and avoid direct sunlight and humid environment.

How to choose a suitable nurses?

When choosing a nurse’s clip, you need to consider factors such as the type, size and personal interests of sex underwear.In order to ensure more comfortable use, it is recommended to choose soft materials and gentle texture.In addition, color and texture are also important factor in choice. It is recommended to choose styles and colors that meet their preferences and needs.

Use of nursing clips

Nursing clips are applicable to thrusting movements in the process of simulation sex, and enhance the real sense of simulation.It can be purchased in sex shops or online, and it is very suitable to enhance the sexual experience between husband and wife.In addition, it can also be a matching matching supplies for sexual parties or flirting occasions.

Recommended nurses clip brand

There are many types of nurses on the market, and the brands are not enough.The famous brands include PipeDream, DOC JOHNSON, Sexflesh, etc.These brands have high -quality sexy underwear and accessories, which can be selected according to personal interests and needs.

Suggestions for the Best Nursing Clips

In order to obtain the best effect of the best nursing clothes clip, it is recommended to check its situation and quality before use to ensure that there is no damage or stimulation during the use process.During use, you need to control the use time and strength in moderation according to your physical response and sensation.In addition, it is cleaned and maintained in time after use to maintain its hygiene and comfort.


Nursing clip is a very commonly used sexy underwear accessories. It can provide more realistic sexual simulation effects and increase the actual feelings of the simulation process.Before use, you need to choose the appropriate brand and type, and strictly use and maintain in accordance with the manual.Only by using it correctly can we get the best sex experience.

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