How to save the quality of sex lingerie cloth

How to save the quality of sex lingerie cloth


Interest underwear is a special clothes because it is designed for sex.When creating sexy underwear, quality and comfort are crucial.This article will focus on discussing the quality of sexy underwear materials and how to save poor quality.

Learn about common materials

Many sexy underwear manufacturers use cheap materials to manufacture products.These materials include polyester, nylon, synthetic fiber, etc.These materials may cause skin sensitivity and allergic reactions, and it is easy to cause discomfort when using sexy underwear.In addition, the use of low -quality materials may cause sexy underwear to quickly lose its shape.

Choose high -quality materials

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For sexy underwear, it is best to choose high -quality materials, such as velvet, silk, elastic cotton or latex.These materials are good, soft, comfortable, easy to clean, and have good breathability.High -quality materials help maintain the shape of sexy underwear, and can also provide sufficient protection for the skin.

Properly protect the sexy shells

In the process of using sex underwear, special attention needs to be paid to maintenance and protection.Sex underwear should use a dedicated detergent to wash according to the washing instructions.Avoid cleaning with high temperature water or bleaching agent, and clean immediately after use.Sex underwear should avoid exposure to the sun or use hot wind to dry.

You need to check sex underwear before buying

When buying sexy underwear, they need to check their quality.First, check the appearance of the clothes to see if it is damaged or lack of stitching.Secondly, check the inside of the clothes to see if there are protrusions or wear.Finally, you need to check whether the zipper, buttons, hooks and other accessories are required.

Choose certified brand

When buying sexy underwear, it is very important to choose a certified brand.The certified brand represents high -quality products and professional manufacturing processes.The sexy underwear of purchasing certification brands can not only ensure quality, but also avoid the danger that some inferior products may bring.

Avoid buying too much, too cheap sexy underwear

Some customers like to buy cheap sexy underwear, but these products cannot guarantee quality and safety.In addition, some sexy lingerie will have negative effects, such as bleeding or allergic reactions.For safety reasons, it is recommended not to buy too much, too cheap sexy underwear.

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Focus on material labels

When buying sexy underwear, you need to focus on material labels.The information on the label can be used to determine the breathability, friction coefficient, and shrink ratio of the material.For customers with sensitive skin, it is important to understand the materials used in clothes.

Seek help

If you have enough experience or knowledge to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you can seek the help of professionals.Professionals can recommend sex underwear that suits you according to your situation and body size to help you make wise choices.

in conclusion

In short, the quality of erotic underwear has a great impact on the sex experience, so you must choose the appropriate materials and brands, and properly protect the sexy lingerie.When buying sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to quality signs, material labels, internal and external design, details, etc.Only after careful screening and comparison can we buy satisfactory sexy underwear.