How to match the underwear without sexy underwear

How to match the underwear without sexy underwear

Everyone knows that sexy underwear is one of the important props to show women’s charm.In various occasions, suitable sexy underwear allows women to tease their confidence and sexy, but inappropriate choices will destroy this atmosphere.However, if you have not prepared a messy underwear and you don’t want to buy a lot of money, how do you match your clothing?This article will discuss this topic and provide some useful suggestions.

1. Start from the foundation: color

First of all, women need to clarify their skin tone and clothing color, and compare the color of sexy underwear to choose the sexy underwear that suits them best.If you are naturally white, dark sexy underwear such as black and dark red can highlight your skin tone.Instead, women with light color skin can choose some light -tone sexy underwear, such as pink and light purple.

Second, different styles should choose different styles

Body shape is also a key factor in choosing sexy underwear. Different styles are suitable for different figures.For example, women with small breasts can choose to increase curve with lace and folds to increase curves. On the contrary, women with larger breasts should choose to better support sexy underwear.Fat women can choose sexy underwear with large cups and a lot of lace lace, which can play a certain role of bunkers, and at the same time, they can be more vivid and more feminine.

3. Different sexy underwear on different activities

Women also need to choose different styles of sexy underwear.For example, in ordinary dating or dinner, choose strong style or pink, blue and other sensitive styles, and the elegant style looks generous and decent; in close personal activities, such as fitness, choose good supporting and highly comfortable sexy underwearThis can ensure that your form will not be out of control during exercise.

Fourth, size and material

In addition to the above points, women should also pay attention to size and materials when choosing sexy underwear.Incorrect sizes can make sexy underwear unfinstropic when wearing and walking, and poor materials can cause allergies or rash problems of sensitive skin.

5. Match with clothing

Interest underwear does not exist alone. It must match with clothing to fully present the charm of women.For example, when wearing a fluffy skirt, choosing a tight sexy underwear can highlight your shape and look more charming and elegant; or when wearing slim -fitted pants, choosing the sexy underwear that is transparent will make you look even moreSexy.

6. Choose paid channels

Don’t buy expensive sexy underwear, learn to choose more economical shopping payment channels, such as Taobao and confirming the quality, choosing a parity channel to buy can save you some pocket expenditures, but it is not inferior to quality.

Seven, the choice and taste of perceptual level

In addition to the material level, in addition to the material level, the choice of sex underwear is part of it belongs to the perceptual category, and it needs to be matched with personal taste and aesthetic experience.For example, in color tones, red sexy underwear can create a strong romantic atmosphere; black erotic lingerie looks mature and generous, and white costumes are more suitable for clean and simple temperament.

8. The most intimate gift for lover

If you are a man, I hope that the gift can touch the deepest heart of women, then sending affectionate underwear is definitely one of the most intimate and sweet choices.On this special night, the woman walking into the bed watching such a gift will definitely feel your sincere and emotional commitment to her.

Viewpoint: For the matching of sexy underwear, we cannot only stay at the level of material, and we must consider human emotional needs.The choice of sexy underwear on personal emotions and aesthetics determines whether your purchase is for material or emotion.

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