Guomo Xuexue privately shot large and sexy underwear

National Model Xue Xue’s private shot

Guoming Xuexue is a sexy model with a large number of fans. Her art photos and private shooting are highly sought after.Recently, she posted a group of private photos, wearing bold sexy underwear, and instantly detonated the social network.Let’s take a look at these hot photos together.

Private shooting generous sexy underwear

In this combination, Xue Xue wore many new sexy underwear, each of which was bold and sexy.These underwear pays great attention to personality and quality in design and materials.Her photos are very good in photography and post -processing, and perfectly capture every detail.

Black vest

This black vest has a very bold incision on both sides of it, revealing the smooth skin of Xuexue, showing her sexy.Crystal decorations add some gorgeous sense to this underwear, which is memorable.

Milk stickers and underwear suits

This set of milk stickers and underwear looks simple, but they get rid of the traditional restraint and are very sexy.Xue Xue dared to show her body as much as possible in photography, which was amazing.This set is the best choice for sexy and comfort.

Transparent black underwear

This transparent black underwear design is very powerful, reflecting the Queen’s style of Xuexue.The pattern above adds its complexity and fashion sense, and shows her exquisite face.This original design and digital tailoring uses superb craftsmanship, perfectly reflecting the image of Guo Mo Xue as a sexy goddess.

Leopard Woolen Set Set

The innovative design of this underwear suit is very attractive. The fine handmade craftsmanship and the signature leopard print have added some reserved and mysterious sense to the wearer.Special cuffs and bow designs make this underwear suit more special.This set is very suitable for special occasions.

Red lace underwear

This red lace underwear concentrated all the focus on the wearer.Transparent materials and lace lace make Xi Xue more sexy.During the shooting, its chest characteristics were strengthened in detail, so it looks more moving.This sexy underwear is an eternal classic in the fashion industry.

Black lace pants

The softness and sexy of this underwear coexist.Special lace design makes it look more like a comfortable underwear, not a sexy underwear.At the same time, the material pays great attention to sexy and quality, making it a beautiful and practical underwear.

Pork color transparent underwear suit

This flesh -colored transparent underwear suit perfectly highlights the posture of Xue Xue.Its design is very strange and chic, showing the temperament of the wearer.This transparent material makes people feel sexy, making Xue Xue look more noble and generous.

Suitable occasions with different underwear

Such photos are exciting, but when choosing sexy underwear, the most important thing is to know suitable occasions.Some bold designs and materials, such as milk stickers and transparent underwear, are suitable for private dialogue or dim lights.In the official places such as the company and banquet, it is best to choose underwear with lace lace or crystal decoration. These styles are more subtle and gorgeous.

Choose the texture importance of sexy underwear

As a sexy underwear expert, the most important suggestion is that don’t forget to choose underwear corresponding to budget and quality.Interest underwear has many different materials, including cotton, silk, lace and transparent mesh.These fabrics have different textures and comfort, and choose the appropriate texture according to personal preference.


The private photo of Guoming Xue Xue showed her charming and sexy, and also let people understand different types of sexy lingerie styles and materials.Whether you want to pursue a luxurious or more sexy feeling, you can achieve these effects by choosing a sexy underwear that suits you.But please remember that the most important thing is to make you feel comfortable and confident, and let the inner beauty emit out.

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