Drive the novels of sex underwear to go to school


In the current era, various cultures such as sex, topics, toys, and graffiti are becoming more and more open, and it has become an inevitable part of people’s lives.But sex underwear is a special "small object", which is very light and low -key.Make women wearing sexy underwear achieve self -confidence, coquettish, and sexy external image, which also increases the fun and confidence in life.

Sex underwear type

At present, there are many kinds of sexy underwear on the market, such as lace, binding, stockings, uniforms, yellow triple -in -one.And there are many different durability, which can be made with one -time and multiple materials.

Novels of schooling in sex lingerie

For some reason, a college student decided to wear sexy underwear to school, but she encountered a teacher on the road, and the story also reversed!

Outsidal perspective

Such courage is indeed a model of modern women. It can prove that Chinese women are now daring to educate and express themselves from everyone.If I am a pedestrian on the road, it is inevitable to look at each other, but women still do well, it is indeed a trendy woman!

Classmate’s perspective

The teacher didn’t see it, and the classmates hit the governance haha, which was great.From the elder brother and sister to the freshman, people looked at each other. Later, the group who went to the girl’s dormitory carefully discussed the results of the discussion.In the end, everyone reached a consensus. There is no need to care about this normal wearing habit.

Teacher’s perspective

It can be seen that the girl is like a person who is more avant -garde and informal.Although I admire her style, I still don’t recommend that she wear it like this on campus, or at least not to be blatantly wearing sexy underwear, because it is easy to cause unpleasant things.

Girl’s perspective

In fact, I consider many aspects when choosing this way of dressing.Such as your own style, your own values, your own personality, your own way of behavior, and so on.

Effect of sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear can enhance women’s self -confidence and charm, which is part of modern women’s lives.For some women, erotic underwear can not only increase the taste of feelings, but also improve their sense of sex.

The advantage of wearing sexy underwear

One of the benefits of wearing sexy underwear is to enhance the beauty and fashion of women, and at the same time, it can also make women more confident and charm.In addition, wearing erotic underwear can also make women increase their feelings, and at the same time can improve women’s sexual blessings.

Different types of sexy underwear matching

Different styles and materials of sexy underwear with different forms of clothing have different effects.For example, wearing the sexy underwear of stockings and high -heeled shoes at the party, different styles can show you different temperament and style, and can bring you more visual impact.


It is understandable to wear sexy underwear, but when wearing sexy underwear is not appropriate or excessive, it will lose its beauty and advantages.Therefore, we must make aesthetics and self -character judgment for your own dressing, so that sex underwear can better integrate into our lives.

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