Dota2kiko sex underwear screenshot


In the game "DOTA2", a famous Coser is called Kiko. She dressed herself as a large number of characters because she loved this game, and also launched a series of sexy underwear to make more people fall in love with this game.Today, let’s take a look at the screenshot of Kiko’s sexy underwear!

The sexy underwear brought by Kiko

In this game, Kiko launched a lot of sexy underwear, dazzling.Including sexy maids, beautiful demon Ji, red demon Ji, and so on.These sexy lingerie styles are diverse, with unique design styles and full of temptation.

Sexy maid

Sexy maid is one of Kiko’s most respected sexy underwear.This set of sexy underwear is composed of black tops, white skirts and small ribbons.The matching of the top and skirt shows the sexy charm of the maid, and the decoration of the ribbon makes the maid even cute.

Beautiful demon Ji

The beautiful demon Ji is the second sex underwear launched by Kiko, with black and dark red colors.This set of sexy underwear is composed of tops and short skirts. The top is tight design, making the figure more prominent. The skirt is a feminine design. The color of the skirt hem echoed the color.

Red demon

Compared with the beautiful demon Ji, the red demon Ji is more tempting.This set of sexy underwear is also composed of tops and short skirts, but the overall color is red, which looks more enthusiastic.The design of the top is similar to the beautiful demon Ji, but the design of the skirt is even more short and full of temptation.

European and American sexy underwear

Unlike the traditional Chinese sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear is more bold and unrestrained.This kind of sexy underwear is often designed with tight, transparent fabrics to highlight the sexy charm of women.In his own promotion, Kiko put on European and American sex underwear many times to show his charm.

Asian sexy underwear

Compared with European and American sexy underwear, Asian sexy underwear is more subtle and soft.This kind of sexy underwear often uses satin, gauze and other materials, and uses blue, red, pink and other colors to fully display the feminineness of women.Kiko has also tried to put on this underwear to show his different appearance.

Kiko’s propaganda significance

As a Coser, Kiko not only uses its own talent game to call, but also promotes the product of sexy underwear.The sexy underwear she launched not only makes players more love this game, but also brings more attention to the product of the sexy underwear.Her success tells us that as long as any product has the right packaging, it may become a starring star.

The charm of sexy underwear

As a more sexy underwear, sexy underwear has always been sought after.They can help women show their advantages better, better attract the eyesight of the opposite sex, and make men enjoy the process of sex more.Therefore, sexy underwear occupies an irreplaceable position in the market.


By understanding Kiko’s sexy underwear, we learned about the diversification and charm of the product of sex underwear, and gorgeous to show the different appearances of this game.At the same time, this also reminds us that at any time, as long as there is the correct packaging and marketing strategy, any product may become a star.

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