Boyfriend always likes to buy sexy underwear

Boyfriend always likes to buy sexy underwear

Why do boyfriends always like to buy sexy underwear?

Many girls have encountered such a situation. Boyfriends like to buy sexy lingerie.This makes them wonder, why are men so obsessed with sexy underwear?Below, let’s find out.

Men’s psychological needs

For men, the wearing of erotic underwear will trigger their visual stimuli, thereby further promoting their desire.At the same time, this behavior also has a certain psychological suggestion, making men feel that they are pursuers and enhance self -confidence and satisfaction.

Types of sex underwear

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There are many types of sexy underwear, including various styles and styles.Some are relatively simple, mainly sexy and bold, such as revealing erotic underwear; while some are more elegant, which highlights the feminine temperament of women.No matter what style, it can meet the different aesthetic needs of men.

Falling underwear material

The material of sexy underwear is mainly soft and transparent, such as lace, silk, gauze, etc.This material can better fit the female body, highlight the body curve, and create a sexy atmosphere.

Sexy underwear color scheme

The color matching of sexy underwear is also one of its features.Generally speaking, black, red, and white are common colors, and they also represent different emotional expressions.For example, black represents mysterious, sexy, elegant, and white represents flawlessness, freshness, and purity.

Falling underwear wearing time

One of the reasons for men’s love underwear is also related to the wearing time of sexy underwear.Wearing sexy underwear is usually special occasions, such as birthday, Valentine’s Day or date.This special way of dressing also makes men feel excited and increases the color of interest.

Spring underwear price

The price of sexy underwear is usually higher than ordinary underwear, and the style is more special and delicate.Men’s purchase demand has further promoted the development of the sexy underwear market and has become a relatively independent field.In this market environment, the price of sexy underwear has become an important reference factor.


Sex of sex underwear

The purchase of sexy underwear needs to be selected based on men’s preferences and women’s size.It should be noted that the material and details of sexy underwear are very important, and these will directly affect the wear and overall effects.

Not only limited to men

In fact, not just men like to buy sexy underwear.Women also take into account sexy and gorgeous elements when selecting sexy underwear.Moreover, in some occasions, sexy underwear is also a way for women to show themselves and pursue sensory experience.

The meaning of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not just a special underwear style, but also the significance and symbol of its contained.It carries a certain emotion and communication between men and women, and even an expression of quality of life.To some extent, sexy underwear is also an art and culture.


In short, sexy underwear is not only a choice of men’s purchase preferences and women’s wearing fashion, but also promotes and marketing with multiple factors such as visual, psychological, and emotion.Today, with the increasingly rich sex culture, it has become a social phenomenon and cultural symbol to some extent.