Beauty wears transparent sexy underwear to engage in base

The temptation of transparent sex underwear

Transparent sexy underwear has always been sexy and seductive representatives.Especially for beautiful women to wear transparent sexy underwear, it is even more indescribable.So, what are the attention of beautiful women through transparent sexy underwear?

Choose sexy underwear with appropriate transparency

The transparency of transparent sexy underwear is different, and some transparency is very high, and it can even reveal the color in the underwear.Choosing sexy underwear with moderate transparency can show the sexy side, but it will not appear very exposed, maintaining a certain sense of mystery.

The style of the underwear is consistent with the figure

Interest underwear is also consistent with the figure, and the shape and version are very important.If the small man is too loose and heavy, transparent sexy underwear on it, it will give people a bulky feeling, which is completely unable to create sexy, and it is more likely to make people think of funny.The excessive tight underwear style is easy to outline the curve of the body, which is too revealing and it makes people feel unbearable.

The choice of color should be properly matched

The transparent sexy underwear has high requirements for color, and the color choice is improper, which may have a counterproductive effect.For example, red or purple transparent erotic underwear is more likely to attract people’s attention, but only beautiful women with better figures can be competent.Of course, in the party or other gatherings, if you want to attract attention, you can consider choosing this kind of color and match the appropriate makeup and shape.

Don’t blindly pursue transparency

The transparent sexy underwear is the same as seeing sexy underwear, and it should not be excessive pursuing transparency.Some sexy underwear with a high degree of transparency will expose the body’s part too obvious, but it is not beautiful, and even a bit rude.Therefore, referring to your own figure and size, it is better to choose a style with less transparency.

Keep hygiene

Transparent sexy underwear is a private clothing. After use, it should be cleaned in time to maintain hygiene.Otherwise, there will be not only bacteria breeding, but also to destroy the texture of underwear and affect the service life.In addition, when washing, pay attention to temperature and detergent used, so as not to cause damage to underwear.

Combined with clothing is more flavorful

Beauty wears transparent sexy underwear, and can also match more flavorful clothing to show more sexy charm.For example, select a perspective lace dress, and with a carefully designed short coat, the entire shape will make people shine.

Consider shooting places for shooting

When taking the styling photos of transparent sexy underwear, it is best to take in a warm and textured environment.For example, you can shoot on the bedside or bathroom. Natural light is brighter and softer.Don’t shoot in public places or too crowded places, it is easy to make people feel uncomfortable.

The measurement must be appropriate

Beauty through transparent sexy underwear can create sexy and hook effects, but excessive exposure may be misunderstood as vulgar and exposed performance.Therefore, the measurement should be appropriate, don’t be too explicit, and show the temperament and elegance of women, which is the most attractive.


Beauty through transparent erotic underwear is based on transparency, styles, colors, and occasions. At the same time, pay attention to personal hygiene and matching, and the measurement should be appropriate.Transparent erotic underwear is just a way of sexy charm. It can make people feel stunning and make people feel vulgar. Therefore, you need to consider it carefully when choosing to use transparent erotic underwear.

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