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Why do you wear chest stickers?

Many female friends do not know how to match their chest stickers when wearing sexy underwear, and even some women think that sexy underwear does not need to wear chest stickers.In fact, wearing a chest sticker is very important, because it can create a more perfect and natural chest outline for female friends, making the whole body more beautiful.

Is there any difference in sexy underwear and ordinary underwear?

The sexy underwear is basically the same as that of ordinary underwear, but there are many versions and materials of sexy underwear. Some sexy underwear even rarely uses more comfortable fabrics such as cotton, so you need to pay special attention to whether it is easy to be allergic when choosing a chest sticker.It is recommended to choose a cotton chest sticker.

How to choose a chest sticker that suits you?

Choosing a chest sticker that suits you needs to choose according to your figure and sexy underwear.If it is a low -cut or back -back sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a chest sticker with a transparent strap and transparent shoulder strap; if it is a close -fitting sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a sticker -free sticker.Show the thorax naturally.

How to wear a chest sticker correctly?

First of all, choose a chest sticker suitable for your chest size, and wash your chest with warm water before peeling away from the gum paper, so as to better paste.When wearing a sexy underwear, wear the chest and underwear, and finally press the chest on the chest to make it paste natural without any discomfort.

How long does it take to change the chest sticker?

Under normal circumstances, chest stickers can be used repeatedly, but it is recommended not to exceed 12 hours.If the viscosity of the chest stickers is worse, the stickers are not tight or the skin is red, it should be replaced in time.

What is the difference between chest stickers and chest pads?

The chest paste is mainly used to improve and shape the chest to make it more perfect and natural; the chest pads are to increase the fixing of the chest, which can help female friends wear more harmonious in some low -cut or personal -style sexy underwear.There will be no traces of bra.

Is it feasible to use chest stickers and bra at the same time when wearing sex underwear?

If the sexy underwear does not wear a chest sticker, it will be unsightly, but if the version of the sexy underwear is relatively loose and you do not specifically require the curve of the chest, you can also use ordinary bra with sexy underwear, but in order to create a more sexy sexy, it is more sexyEffect, it is recommended to choose a naked style of the chest and use the chest sticker.

Is the chest sticker easy to fall?

If you wear it correctly, it is not easy to drop the chest stickers when the chest is not sweat or rubbed.However, if you do more powerful exercise, cause more sweat, or choose a chest sticker with poor quality, then it may occur. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce or avoid strenuous exercise when wearing sexy underwear.

Is it feasible for boys to wear chest stickers?

The role of chest stickers is to shape and improve their chests, so boys do not need to use chest stickers.Although some male friends may be slightly thin because of their bodies and want to plump their chests by using chest stickers, this approach will not only have obvious effects, but also make them very uncomfortable, and it seems uncomfortable.

Conclusion: Why do I wear chest stickers in sexy underwear?

Wearing erotic underwear is not simply pairing ordinary underwear with new effects, but a series of matching methods and techniques. Among them, breast stickers are one of the key links.Through the correct choice and appropriate wear, the chest stickers can help female friends highlight their beautiful curves, shape their sexy figure, and bring them confidence and beauty.

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