Will you illegally take sex underwear?

Will it really be illegal to shoot sexy underwear?

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to auction women’s sexy underwear on the Internet, and some websites have even provided sexy underwear auction services.So, will the auction erotic underwear be illegal?Let’s take a look at relevant regulations and regulations.

by law

Article 65 of my country’s "Punishment of Public Security Management Penalty" stipulates that the behavior of illegal sale, production, transportation, and storage of obscene items shall be punished by public security organs.According to this regulation, if the sex underwear is identified as an obscene item, the seller may be fined in order.However, in fact, sexy underwear is not obscene items, because these underwear are just simple commercial products.

Regulations for online auction platforms

Although it is not clearly prohibited from the auction of sexy underwear, most online auction platforms have clearly stipulated that the auction of goods or services involving pornography, including sex products and porn underwear.Therefore, if you want to sell sexy underwear on these platforms, you must first read the requirements of the platform.

Measures for protecting buyers’ privacy

Whether in online shops or online auctions, all transactions must protect the privacy of buyers.The seller should not disclose personal information such as the name, address, contact information of the buyer, otherwise, otherwise it will be suspected of infringing the right to the buyer’s privacy.Therefore, the seller must comply with this regulation when auctioning sex underwear.

Quality and hygiene issues of goods

The seller must ensure that the sexy underwear sold is new, not second -hand or used.In addition, sexy underwear should be kept in a sanitary state so that consumers can buy with confidence.If the seller cannot guarantee the quality and hygiene of sex underwear, the buyer can safeguard his rights and interests through return.

Appropriate object of auction

Although sexy underwear is a commercial product, the appropriate object of the auction of sexy underwear is still restricted.The auction targets must belong to adults, and minors must not buy sexy underwear because this will damage their health and psychological growth.If the seller violates this provision in the auction, it will face corresponding legal responsibilities.

Avoid misleading consumers’ publicity

When auction, the seller is not allowed to use false or misleading publicity languages.If the effect or use of sex underwear does not match the facts, buyers can ask for return.If the seller is suffered a legal lawsuit, it will face great losses.

The risk of using online platforms for auction

Because sexy underwear is a popular product, it will be stolen or theft of some people.This requires sellers to use safety measures to protect their goods.At the same time, the seller should also protect their trading accounts and passwords to avoid hacking and information leakage.

How to auction sexy underwear legally and orderly?

In order to achieve orderly auction of sexy underwear, sellers must comply with relevant regulations and platform regulations.Sellers should ensure the quality and hygiene of sexy underwear and protect consumers’ privacy.Sellers should also avoid using false or misleading publicity languages to avoid legal lawsuits and losses.The most important thing is that sellers must protect their goods and account security and avoid hackers and information leakage.


Although the auction of sexy underwear is not illegal, there are still certain risks.Sellers should pay attention to compliance operations to avoid legal responsibility and commercial losses.For consumers, you must choose merchants and buy goods carefully to protect their rights and interests.

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