Will you get angry if you send your girlfriend’s fun underwear?

How to not let your girlfriend angry?Is it a "thunder area" to send sex underwear?This may be one of the most often thoughts when you buy gifts.Sexy underwear is a special gift. Improper gift selection may cause a girlfriend’s adverse reaction.However, if you follow the following suggestions, sending sex underwear will be more pleasant.

Choose suitable sexy lingerie styles

First, make sure the right style is selected.There are many styles to choose from, such as bras, sexy underwear jackets, lace skirts, underwear, etc.Pay attention to your girlfriend’s preferences and personality, try to choose the underwear that suits her.Sometimes you need some risks, but you should know if your girlfriend likes stimulating underwear or a relaxed and natural underwear.

The correct size is the key

You need to know the accurate size of your girlfriend to buy appropriate sexy underwear.If you buy the wrong size, the result may be that his girlfriend is uncomfortable, his eyes are not good, or you cannot wear it at all.Such a gift will make your girlfriend misunderstand that you don’t pay enough attention to her.Therefore, be sure to measure the girlfriend’s size correctly and confirm before buying.

Consider your girlfriend’s comfort

In addition to size problems, the comfort of underwear must be considered.Do not choose underwear with too tight shoulder straps and small cups.In addition to being difficult to wear such underwear, it is also uncomfortable.For girlfriends, the comfort of underwear is more important. If you choose not suitable, the gift will lose a good significance.

Choose natural fabrics

Natural fabrics are more comfortable and more textured than synthetic fabrics.Of course, some sexy underwear does not have pure natural materials, but you can choose styles with natural fabric components.If you are not sure of your girlfriend’s preference for texture, choose natural fabric components to insurance.

Quality assurance is important

The quality of sexy underwear has a great impact on the significance of gifts.The poor quality and rough sexy underwear make your girlfriend question your gifts.Instead, high -quality and refined sexy underwear will make her feel your care and love for her.Therefore, to ensure the quality of the purchase, so that you can make your girlfriend feel your true intentions.

Consider your girlfriend

Sending sex underwear also needs to be considered.If you give her a gift like a company party or family gathering, the results will not be so pleasant.The occasion of sending sex underwear should be private and romantic.Moreover, sexy underwear should usually be a pleasant surprise gift or birthday gift.

Avoid sending "attack" sexy underwear

If you want to choose a sexy underwear, you should avoid choosing too provocative styles, which may make your girlfriend feel aggressive.Some women think that excessive exposure or "sexy" is the low and materialization of their own value.So make sure the style you choose is in line with her character, not the style you want.

Use a small gift to pack sexy underwear

Many erotic underwear are not wrapped in packaging boxes, which makes them embarrassed, especially in public.To avoid embarrassment, you can prepare another small gift to cooperate with sexy underwear.This small gift can be some cosmetics or bracelets, so that girlfriends can feel your love for her love for her.

in conclusion

Therefore, if you want to send love underwear to your girlfriend, you need to pay attention to the above suggestions.You need to consider your girlfriend’s personal style and your own experience.If you feel a little uncertain, you can ask for help in a gift brand or nearby malls.After all, when choosing a fun underwear, the correct position and time will make gifts more special.

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